Bed Bug Pictures

"Bed bug pictures are use when trying to identify bedbugs since their appearance changes based on their lifestage (egg, nymph, adult) and whether or not they are enlarged after feeding on a hosts blood.  The bed bug photos on this site can help you make an identification.  To be sure you can send a sample bug to Harvard University (address below) for confirmation."   

The appearance of bed bugs can look different depending on the life stage of the bed bug.  The pictures below depict bed bugs at each stage, the remains of bed bugs on furniture, mattress bed bug stains and bedbug bites.

To ensure that you actually have bed bugs you can send a sample bug to Identify LLC by filling out this form.   They charge $20 for the service. You can also check with your local department of health or cooperative extension to see if they have a free bed bug identification service.

If you are fighting bed bugs we suggest hiring a professional.  A good place to start is the  Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) network since they provide up to 3 free quotes and pre-screen exterminators to make sure that they are licensed and insured. You can search our exterminator database.  It is important to get multiple quotes since each company uses different methods.  If you do decided to go about bedbug treatment yourself, be sure to purchase the correct combination of products through either an organic bed bug kit or insecticide based kit.

For more detail on how to remove bedbugs from your home and furniture see our guide to eliminating bed bugs.

Bed Bug Pictures - The Bed Bug Life cycle

bed bug pictures

As mentioned, the bed bug lifecycle demonstrates changes in appearance from egg to nymph (young bedbug) to adult.  Bed bugs can live up to 316 days.   The time from nymph to adult is 5 to 8 weeks.  Eggs take 10 days to hatch.

Bed bugs move through 5 "molts" before becoming adults and need to feed prior to each molt.

Bed Bug Eggs

Bed bug eggs are the size of a pin head or small seed. A female will lay approximately 200 eggs in her lifetime in groups of 10 to 20.

bed bug pictures

Picture of Bed Bug Eggs (Source: Rose Hiskes)

bed bugs picture

Picture of Bed Bug Eggs

Adult Bed Bug Pictures

Bed bugs hide all day and feed at night. Studies show that 80% - 85% live within 10 feet of the host which is usually the mattress or bed area including the frame and nearby objects such as books or magazines on night stands, inside clock radios and in the cracks of the bed frame. 

Bed bugs are chestnut brown in color. The female has a rounded abdomen while the male as a pointed abdomen.

bed bug size
Bed Bug Size

bed bug pictures

Bed Bug Pictures

Bed bugs are flat when looking at them from a side view.

bed bugs pictures

bed bugs pictures
Source: University of Florida

bed bug pictures

bed bug pictures
Bed Bug Pictures
Source: University of Florida

Bed Bug Pictures - Before and After Feeding 

This is a comparison of an adult bed bug before feeding and after.  Note the reddish color after feeding.  Bed bugs usually feed for 3 to 15 minutes at night. In this

bed bugs pictures

Bed Bug Pictures - Fecal Remains

Approximately 20% of bed bugs will defecate after feeding on a host. The remains make a brown mark on mattresses, sheets or other places where the bugs are.

bed bug pictures

Bed Bug Remains on Mattress

Bed Bugs Furniture Photo

Bed bug eggs "glue" themselves to surfaces with a cement like substance.  They can be found in the cracks of furniture.  Sprays and vacuuming will not pick up or kill the eggs.  The only effective way to kill them is with a steamer or heat over 113 F.

bed bugs pictures
Source: University of Kentucky Furniture Bed Bugs

bed bug pictures
Bed bugs, Fecal Remains and eggs on Couch Fabric

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs tend to bite in neat rows, usually along the seam of a bed, while sleeping.  Technically they don't bite, but puncture the skin and withdraw blood.  Reactions to bed bug bites tend to get worse during each subsequent biting incident.  Even if a person doesn't react the first time, they may react the next time they are bitten.  Bites should resolve themselves in a few days with no treatment.  It itchy, a natural itch cream such as Itch Dr. can be used until they heal. 

pictures of bed bug bites
Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

A more severe reaction to a bedbug bite could result in blisters.

pictures of bed bug bites
Pictures of Bed Bug Bites Blisters

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