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Hotel Bed Bugs Nightmare!!!

by Diane
(Calgary Canada)

I stayed at a hotel last night...the banff trail hotel, cheap place but I woke to a feeling on my feet.

Here I had a bite on each foot and on my wrist. I got out of bed and here was an adult bed bug just chillin on the sheet I just slept under. Well I almost lost it. I took pictures and told management, however they took the news lightly! I wasn't surprised. I'm sure they will still rent the room out again tonight. Scum bags!!

Editor Comment on Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

Hi Diane,

I'm sorry to hear that you found bed bugs at the Banff Trail Hotel during your stay. I hope you took pictures of the bed bugs and reported the incident to the hotel management. Make sure to document all communication with the hotel staff, including the date and time of your report and the name of the person you spoke with.

To protect yourself from any potential infestation, make sure to wash all of your clothing and belongings in hot water and dry them on high heat for at least 30 minutes. Inspect your luggage and other items for any signs of bed bugs, such as blood spots or fecal matter, and consider using a bed bug spray or bed bug mattress encasement to prevent any potential infestation.

As you indicated, since the hotel did not take appropriate action to address the bed bug issue, you may consider reporting the incident to local health or consumer protection agencies. Additionally, you may want to leave a review on travel websites to warn other potential guests about your experience.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Bed Bugs Handbook

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