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How to Bed Bugs Choose Where to Bite on the Body?

by Peter
(Houston texas)

How Do they find a particular place on your body to feed on? Mine only got me behind my arms, nowhere else.

Editor Response to Where Do Bed Bugs Bite the Body

Bed bugs choose where to bite based on several factors, including warmth, carbon dioxide levels, and the availability of a blood vessel close to the skin. They are attracted to areas with thinner skin and exposed veins such as the face, neck, arms, and hands. They do not bite through clothes or even under clothes.

Often the bite is the part of the body that is in the closes proximity to where they are hiding. For example, if bed bugs are hiding in a bed frame crack, and your arm leans against that spot, that is where you will be bitten.

As a tip, some people where socks over the ends of their pajamas to avoid bites at night.

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