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Neighbors Had Bed Bugs and Now I Do Too

by Submitted by Reader

I just moved on to the block 3 months ago...Me and my sister being neighborly befriended all the neighbors. One was not so friendly... the house they lived in was INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!!!

My sister and her children went over there, needless to say here we are not even 30 days later and I have had to throw my living set away and pay $600 for exterminator. tHE CRAZY THING IS THAT SHE STILL HAS'NT EVEN APOLOGIZED...Lesson learned

Editor Comments Neighbors with Bed Bugs

Thank you for sharing this helpful story about how bed bugs spread from one location to another. Bed bugs are known as the worlds best hitchhikers for a reason. Whenever you move into a new apartment, visit an apartment or stay in a hotel room, it's important to ask if the area has or has ever been treated for bed bugs.

My family has a routine where we inspect our clothes and any items we are carrying for bed bugs before entering the house (its' what happens when you live with someone that edits a bed bugs website). This isn't just true for visits to new neighbors, but for purchased items as well. These days, it's a good idea to inspect your clothes, bags and anything you may have purchased for bed bugs. Even new items can be hiding a few.

No item is allowed in my home until it is inspected. Packages are left in the garage until I have had an opportunity to check seams, bags boxes etc. Even new items have to be checked. Pay extra attention to anything used or borrowed such as library books. If you have a son or daughter at college, inspect everything they bring home, as this is one of the most common ways bed bugs spread.

Many readers are going an extra step and buying their own portable heat chamber called a PackTite which heats luggage, bags, library books and other items to the temperatures required (113F) to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

Another idea is to spray your shoes, purses, luggage before leaving home with a bed bug luggage spray. This will provide 3 to 6 weeks, a good idea before any trip. You will still have to inspect items before returning home, but this will provide a first line of defense. I always spray my luggage before packing.

Thanks for sharing your story. You aren't the first person that visited a neighbor or relative, only to bring home a gift you didn't want, bed bugs.

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