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We have a wide variety of guest contributors who help our readers prevent and get rid of bed bugs. Would you like to be one of those contributors?  

Payment and copyright

There is no charge for publishing guest author contributions. The author retains the copyright, but Bed Bugs Handbook may reprint and edit any article.

preferred length

Articles should be no less than 1000 words. We prefer articles that are 1,500 words or longer.


Articles with original pictures are preferred. We will include photos if the author certifies that the bed-bugs-handbook.com has the rights to publish the photos.

Originality and quality

Articles must be original and unpublished elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed by the Grammarly plagiarism tool and a Google search. We only post articles that have a Grammarly score of 95 or higher. If you do not have Grammarly, we will make the necessary adjustments. We reserve the right to edit articles. At your request, we can share for input before posting.


We prefer articles that start with a brief summary paragraph followed by the body of the article.


Articles can have up to two RELEVANT links. The links will be "do follow."


We will gladly list the name of the author along with a link to a related biography.

how to Submit

We accept submissions as a Google Doc or Word Document. Please send a pitch or idea before submitting an article. Contact use as jeff@bed-bugs-handbook.com with the subject line article or pitch submission.

We will try and get back to you within 24 hours. Once articles are accepted for publication we will inform you via email.

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