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Bed Bugs are without any doubt the worst kind of home invasion that...

by Steve
(Vancouver BC)

Bed Bugs are without any doubt the worst kind of home invasion that is possible. I woke up last Sunday thinking I had hives from strawberries, then I remembered there was a serious infestation in my Apt. Building for the last couple years.

I looked up Bed Bugs on the net and talked to neighbors, then it hit me. These little blood sucking vampire bugs are in my bed, in my tiny little studio Apt. Once discovered, the nightmare if these rather intelligent vermin slowly dawned on me and it only gets worse and worse. Today is Thursday, just five days after reporting these bugs to building management,

I realized there was no escape from them, for me anyway, being in subsidized housing and very low, fixed, disability income prevents me from just up and running away from them. I actually have to live with them and sleep with them. Can you imagine my HORROR realizing this? Everything in my tiny apt has to be turned inside out and upside down, spray edevery two weeks or so (had first spray today) and I have to throw out, in sealed bags, just about everything I own. Laundry of everything, and I mean everything, every couple of days and have had virtually no sleep in 5 days.

The horror is so immense I can't even go on to describe more of this. Time to go cuddle up with them and let them feed on me, again, as I just simply have, no other options. If this ever ends, I'm going to be left with one chair, a TV a Computer & monitor. The only good
side to this horror story is I expect to loose at least 50 lbs in the next few week/months & a lot of blood while gaining red bite marks, itching and scratching for months to come, if it ever ends.

At times I think Suicide seems like a good idea, but I will not let the vermin beat me that way. I may die from a heart attack from all the physical activity I simply am not capable of any more at 60 yrs old or the bugs may kill me by draining me dry. If only I could win the next lottery, I would be out of here at WARP 9.9999999 & 9/10th, but what are the odds that will happen? Really over tired now so got to get some sleep even if they feed on me all night long.

I swear this is all true and happening to me right now. If you have bed bugs, prepare yourself for a real life changing situation, Oh and wear hermetically sealed sleeping attire or as best you can. Good luck to all of us infected by these insanely smart, very small, blood sucking, vampire bug MONSTERS! There really are Monsters in the world and they are called BED BUGS!

Editor Comment

Steve, thanks for sharing this bed bug horror story. I would contact your local health authority and the authority that handles landlord/tenant rights. It should like the problem isn't just in your apartment, but in the entire building.

Continue the good fight and we hope you find this website helpful in identifying strategies for fighting the problem. Here's our guide to apartment bed bugs.

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Sep 08, 2011
A real bed bugs nightmare!
by: Anonymous

The bed bugs had come to my house uninvited!!! I am packing everything in plastic bags, so the exterminator can do his job easily tomorrow...!

This is the 5th time this is happening to me... this is an old building, and I am sure that I am not the only one infected, since I live on the 4th floor... and I am obsessed with having a clean and sparkles apartment!

I am scratching my whole body and feeling an invasion of these little bastards all over my body as I type this message! I hope I don't get diagnosed with insanity by a psychiatrist! :)

Wish me luck everyone, because this is going to cost me time, money and a lot of psychological stress! And this is not a good time for neither of these real nightmares!


Oct 06, 2010
Steve, I completely understand.
by: Sheri

I have been living in an "extended living" building for over two years, and have had bed bugs living with us the whole time. I went through a pregnancy, and am trying to raise two children in this place. The bugs are so severe that I have panic attacks several times a week knowing that they're there. Knowing they're biting me and my family. And knowing that I have no choice to accept it. I seem to be the only one who is allergic to their bites, as I'm the only one who has visible bites all over my body.

I've bought spray after spray. My room has been treated four times. It seems like it's impossible to get rid of these disgusting things. Even used steam cleaning methods, which were the highest recommended ones. Didn't work. They're still here. We cannot afford to move and can't afford to buy our own treatments as often as we have to. It's weighing on me mentally as well, as I have bi-polar disorder, and my anxiety is always highest at night, knowing what I know. It takes a lot of strength to deal with these creatures, mentally. Those who don't feel or see the effects of the bites won't know what I mean, but the ones who do, will. It's one of the nastiest and most nerve wrecking thing to go through. There is guilt involved, also. I feel guilty that my kids are subjected to this, and there is nothing I can do....We need help, but can't find any. God Bless you, Steve, and all others going through this situation. Good luck.

Aug 30, 2010
A Trevelers Bed Bug Bites
by: Anonymous

I stayed at a hotel in Cancun (Hilton Golf and Resort Spa) I woke up with a lots of itching and saw lots of bites on my elbow, legs, neck in rows and some in cluster. I reported it but they put me on hold.... Terrible experience. I'm kind of paranoid now on traveling.

Editor Bed Bug Travel Tips

Thank you for sharing your story. Every traveler should learn how to inspect a hotel room and cruise ship cabin for bed bugs.

Simply, before bringing your luggage into the room, check the mattress by pulling back the sheets. Look along the seams for brown/red marketing or spots. See this page for a bed bug mattress picture.

Travelers should can also protect themselves by keeping their luggage off the floor and by avoiding the use of drawers in the room. A simple tip is to pack Ziploc big bags. These bags are bed bug proof and can protect an entire suitcase. This way you are sure that no bed bugs will hitch a ride home in your luggage.

Aug 21, 2010
Monsters in your bed
by: B&S1987

Steve,correct me, but you stated you contacted the building mgmt and they have sprayed your apartment? Then someone is helping. Many including myself have dealt with management that refuses treatment. I did it on my own. There are affordable alternatives on top of the sprays your pest control company is using. This will help you keep your furniture and sleep without being bit, believe me, I've laid in my bed, knowing there are bugs and had to bite the bullet, they left scars, so you are not alone.

Be sure to vacuum thoroughly, use the attachment hose to scoop them up (remember to dump cup/bag immediately). Buy mattress/box spring covers, the editor suggests one like Linenspa mattress BedBug proof mattress covers which will run you anywhere from $24.99-$49 depending on size of mattress. Also, J.T Eaton's BedBug Powder is a very effective tool and natural, no chemicals and safe to put on your bed and furniture. You may be able to find it at a local home depot or cheaper online (link added by editor).

Also, hand held steamers are very effective as they kill on contact.The steamer i bought was $39.99 gets up to 120 degrees. Hold directly on surface of fabric for deep steaming , bed bugs burrow themselves. They die on contact. It does require this to be done at least once everyday or every other day for at least 2 weeks ,but if you want to know they are gone its better safe than sorry, overkill on the steaming, it will give you a sound mind to sleep again.

If you do not have a way to purchase online Wal-Mart has prepaid debit cards which are only about $3-$10 to purchase. if you purchase the bed covers plus the bedbug powder or steamer you will want to steam and/or put powder on mattress before putting in sealed cover on. Just in case anything happens to cover, bed bugs can live up to a year without food. If you only purchase mattress cover I suggest buying 2 covers just in case it rips, otherwise you will have to go through this all over again.With all 3, or just 2 or 1 of those options on top of your pest control's sprays will be effective.

With hand held steamer, floor steamer (only had to do once), bed bug powder, mattress cover and vacuuming/steaming bed once a day it took me 3 weeks. It is a battle that can be won with perseverance.

Moving the furniture is hardest part of the process, everything else is tedious. Maybe have the pest control firm move the furniture out from walls and leave them that way so they are easily accessible. Just an idea, I know I've written you all a novel by now.

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