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Strange Bug!

by Ashley
(Boston, MA, USA)


I'm wondering if you can please help me identify this bug. I live in Back Bay Boston and found it on my duvet cover on my bed one morning. I sent it to an entomologist who inconclusively said he was not sure. The bug does not have a clear head like bed bugs do- but it is flat, etc. It might also be worth noting that there are absolutely no other signs of a bed bug infestation in my apartment- and I have never been bitten. If you could help me identify this bug I would be so grateful!! It would be nice to put my mind at ease. Thank you so much!

Editor Comment - Insect Identification

Hi Ashley,

It is hard to tell from the photograph, but we agree that it does not look like a bed bug to us. We suggest sending an insect to the Insect Diagnostic Laboratory at Cornell University.



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