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The bed bugs blog provides the latest bed bug information on the global bed bug pandemic. We focus on how to recognize signs of bed bugs such as bites and mattress stains. Review pictures and follow our step by step instructions for hiring a professional or doing it yourself with sprays and other products.

Here are some quick links to the most common bed bug information requests:

Did Helping a Friend Move Expose Me to Bed Bugs?

Would I have gotten bitten by bed bugs, or carried them on my clothes while helping someone move into an apartment and staying the night there? I have

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What Works on Bed Bugs?

Ive sprayed 5 times. Ive used borax, salt, garlic, thyme, cayenne pepper, vinegar and still have these stupid bugs. were going to try to turn the heater

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Mystery Insect Bites

For the past 5 years I've gotten mysterious bites on my chest, thighs, and buttocks area during the night. My husband and I have checked and cleaned as

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Who Should Pay for Bed Bug Treatment in Virginia

We recently discovered bed bugs in our apartment. I informed the management and was told that they will inspect all units and if I am the only unit we

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Help! Do I Have Bed Bugs?

i have a question. I am not sure if what I have is bed bugs. the bugs I have been seeing are very very small insects. It is almost impossible to see unless

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How To Protect Landlords From Bed Bugs Brought in By Tenants

Hello, Is there a way to protect the Landlord on the Bed Bug Issue? If the apartment originally do not have bed bugs, but the tenants brought them in.

Continue reading "How To Protect Landlords From Bed Bugs Brought in By Tenants"

Did My Bed Bug Already Lay Eggs?

Hi I have recently found a bed bug and was wondering if we caught the bed creature when he arrived or if he would have already laid eggs throughout the

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How to Tell if Bed Bugs are Gone

Ok so I recently found out that I have bed bugs BUT I only found about 3 of them and when cleaning my room and bed noticed that it still looked clean without

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Emotional Distress from Stink Bugs

I have had a stink bug problem for 3 years. Last fall I had a full blown infestation. Many times 400 plus in my tiny house. Long story short I feel

Continue reading "Emotional Distress from Stink Bugs"

I Will Win Over These Evil Invaders But it Does Take Spiritual Magic.

I don't feel alive anymore. I feel controlled lesions on my scalp, lesions on my back, lesions on my face, people just blow me off, relatives friends,

Continue reading "I Will Win Over These Evil Invaders But it Does Take Spiritual Magic."

bed bugs in fruniture

Can you sue a furniture store if the furniture is infested with bedbugs. I have been bitten. Can a landlord ask you to move because of something like

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Is this a bed bug? Please help.

Hi, I recently moved out of a place that had bed bugs and into my parents house. All of my suitcases were under the bed that had bugs. My suitcase sat

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Diatomaceous Earth killed my Cat!!!

Folks, be careful when using the diatomaceous earth. in and of itself it is not harmful to pets, but cats like to roll around on the floor, under the bed,

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What sort of bugs are these?

I'm trying to figure out what type of bug these are. I found these in our bed and am hoping they aren't bed bugs. Editor Comment: The images look

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Landlord hires an exterminator for Bed bugs, must I repay him?

I recently moved into a half of double. My son started with bites. He is a boy who spends most of his time in the woods. I thought it to be bites from

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