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The bed bugs blog provides the latest bed bug information on the global bed bug pandemic. We focus on how to recognize signs of bed bugs such as bites and mattress stains. Review pictures and follow our step by step instructions for hiring a professional or doing it yourself with sprays and other products.

Here are some quick links to the most common bed bug information requests:

how long does it take to do a bed bbug extermination?

i had a very mild case of bed bugs 2.5 years ago. They did 2 treatments, the first 1 the Orkin man brought 2 other men with him and was in my house for

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Bleach kills bed bugs on contact!!!

bleach does kill bed bugs

At a halfway house in Cincinnati, i discovered an infestation of bed bugs. I wanted to experiment with bleach to see if it kills them. Some web sites say

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Who Pays For Laundry After Bed Bug Infestation

I do not have bedbugs but have been notified that an adjoining apartment does. I have been advised that my apartment will be treated anyway for protection

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Owner and Renter Bed Bug Situation

Hi, recently came to find out that the apartment I'm renting now was previously infested with bed bugs. The owner rented the apt to my family and now most

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What Should I Do if I am a Visitor and the Apartment I Stayed In Was Infested with Bed Bugs

Can I take legal action against a negligent landlord? Last month I was visiting family in Oceanside, CA and I was planning on staying with them for a

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Are these bed bugs or what are they?

3 bugs, alive and walking

I am naturally allergic to lots of things. So when I itch or scratch at night I assumed it was me, then I found these bugs at the point of the irritation.

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I've Got the Same Problem for 10 Years Now

I thought when this 1st started after a year or so I was really going to commit suicide. It's been 10 long years & still haven't had any help from anywhere.

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Hotel Bed Bugs Nightmare!!!

I stayed at a hotel last night...the banff trail hotel, cheap place but I woke to a feeling on my feet. Here I had a bite on each foot and on my wrist.

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Lost everything an apartment because of bed bugs !

I move out from the apartment, because of a major bed bug problem. I contacted the landlord on many occasions, someone came out but never totally cleared

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Suggestions for Preventing Indoor Insect Bites

My son woke up with bites similar to those of a mosquito. The bites are of no particular pattern. Some bitten areas are of head, neck, back, legs, & arms.

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Strange Bug!

Hello! I'm wondering if you can please help me identify this bug. I live in Back Bay Boston and found it on my duvet cover on my bed one morning. I sent

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Bed Bugs - Why me??

I thought I got rid of these gross bugs but I didn't. Why am I the only one getting bit. I have 3 people in my bed and I am the only one getting bit. Why??

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Please help me, I NEED your opinions!

Bed Bug?

I'm pretty sure I discovered a bed bug on my pillow(I've attached a photo) Please let me know if you think it's a bed bug. It's the only one I've spotted

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Will Soapy Water Kill Bed Bugs

Will a spray bottle with soapy water kill bedbugs if sprayed directly on them? Soapy water sprayed directly on bed bugs can break down the waxy coating

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