Pics of BedBug Bites

Pics of bedbug bites can range from a minor reaction to a severe reaction such as blistering of the skin.  Not everyone will have a skin reaction to a bed bug bite.  If you do, it usually occurs shortly after being bitten.  The bite itself is an allergic reaction to salivary proteins left on the skin by the bed bug during the feeding process. The bite is clear in the middle where the bedbug punctured the skin surrounded by a red raised area.

Bed bugs do not actually bite.  They puncture the skin with a single stylet which moves into the skin searching for blood.  Feeding takes up to ten minutes and usually occurs just before dawn at from 4AM to 5AM.  A bedbug cannot spread or cause disease in humans.

This video shows what happens when a bed bug bites (punctures) the skin:

BedBug Bite Video

Pics of Bedbug Bites

The pictures below show basic bed bug bites. They are found either as an individual bite or in clusters. If you see bites along a straight line, it could be from an arm or leg resting on a bed seam where bed bugs are hiding. Bed bugs usually bite on exposed skin areas when sleeping including the bottoms of legs, arms and neck. It is rare to be bitten on the bottoms of the feet.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

pics of bedbug bites
Common - Pics of Bedbug Bites

In this picture, the bed bug bites are more pronounced and at the left are in a pattern indicating that the body was near a cluster of bed bugs.  Some people will show more of a bite reaction (hypersensitivity) to each bite episode, while other people will not become more sensitive to the bites.

In some people the bite reaction will for a round wheal that is 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

pics of bedbug bites
Picture Bed Bug Bites

pics of bedbug bites
Picture of Bed Bug Bite Reactions on Leg

bedbug bites look
Photos of BedBug Welts (Wheal)
Reaction after 48 Hours

bedbug bites look
Pics BedBug Wheal

Bed Bug Skin Blisters

In rare cases, a bed bug bite will form a blister or series of blisters on the skin.

bedbug bite look
Picture Bed Bug Bites - Blister

pics of bedbug bites
Picture Severe Blistering of Skin From Bed Bug

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites

Typical bed bug bites should heal by themselves in several days. Skin itch is usually the only problem that causes discomfort. To treat itch, purchase an insect itch cream or ointment in a pharmacy or purchase a product made specifically for bedbug itch such as All Stop.

Reactions to a bed bug bite can be seen as soon as 1 hour after being bitten, although reactions can be delayed for 1 to 14 days. If reactions appear right away, then bed bug bites should heal in 2 to 5 days.  If they reactions are delayed, then healing could also be delayed to as long as 2 weeks after you see symptoms.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

To get rid of bedbugs you need to hire an experienced
bed bug exterminator or try to do it yourself .  Following the links will connect you with detailed instructions on how to choose a bed bug pest control expert or steps you need to follow for how to get rid of bed bugs.  Follow this link if you would like to see a review of bed bug sprays .

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