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Insect Bites Next to Ear. Are These Bed Bug Bites?

by Anonymous

Insect Bites Next to Ear

Insect Bites Next to Ear

I woke up and had this bites next to my ear. I searched and no bites look like this?... Its swollen and it goes all the way down to the side of my. Neck. What should I use?

Editor Response:


Insect bites alone do not confirm the presence of bed bugs. Also the specific area of the bites does not indicate one type or insect or another. What you are experiencing could also be a form of contact dermatitis.

Regarding bed bugs we would inspect your bed for other signs. You can see bed bugs with the naked eye. Look along the bed seams and headboard for signs of insights. Run a credit card through the seam to dislodge any hiding insects. If the mattress is 100% stain free you probably do not have a bed bug problem.

If the skin irritation does not resolve itself or start to heal within 1 week we suggest seeing a dermatologist for additional guidance. If the area itches an over the counter insect itch cream such as Aveeno can help.

Best of Luck,

Editor, Bed Bugs Handbook

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