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Calamine Lotion for Bed Bug Bites

by Nova
(Aurora, illinois, usa)

I have gotten bed bugs and at first, the bites were like small mosquito bites. I bought two mattress kits, one for my mattress and one for my box spring. I thought these did the trick and stopped spraying my bed with pesticides. Last night my entire arm was bitten up and these itchy welts are the worst they have been. I am up at 3 am trying not to touch my arm and keeping it elevated because I'm getting this arm tattooed on Friday (hopefully at this point) my after bite stick wasn't working so I tried a topical analgesic. This didn't work but your website reminded me I have calamine lotion. Oh, sweet relief.

Editor Suggestion

Hi Nova,

Glad the calamine lotion is helping calm the bed bug bites. Regarding the mattress and box spring, we are assuming you purchase covers. Mattress covers will not eliminate a bed bug infestation. They just trap the insects that were not killed during treatment. Since you are allergic to the bite, and infestation can get very large, make sure you aggressively treat the problem.

Covers are just one part of a total treatment program. We always recommend a professional exterminator (to find one in your area). Bed bugs are so hard to treat with professionals often requiring 3 visits (always ask for a guarantee when hiring an exterminator).

If you can't afford an exterminator, many will either negotiate lower rates. If the infestation is still small, you could purchase a bed bug treatment kit. Kits are only good if the infestation is just starting out or in one area of the home.

For more information see our guide to bed bug treatment.


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