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Feels Like Worms on my Skin

by Darrell
(Colorado Springs,Colorado)

I am in a work release program and while lying in the bed i feel as if theres something jumping on me. I can feel them on my arms, legs, face, and lips. I thought at one moment it was just in my head but I wet down my sheets and I wouldn't feel them until they dried out and I would only feel them when lying down. They felt like microscopic worms on my lips. What a sick feeling!

Can anyone tell me what they might be?

Editor Comment

Hi Darrell,

It's hard to tell what is going on. Often a tingling sensation is attributed to insects, when it's really an issue with the nerves. The cause can range from stress, which leads to a condition called delusory parasitosis, where you believe you have insects when you really don't.

Toxins such as from alcohol or cigarettes can also cause problems between the brain and the nerve endings on your skin. I'm not a Doctor, but I'd stop alcohol and cigarettes and see if your condition improves.

Best of Luck.

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