Bed Bug Bite Look and Pictures

"The appearance of a Bed bug bite look is based on the skin reaction of each individual. The majority of people show no reaction at all, which is why two people sleeping in the same bed can have completely different reactions. People who are allergic show a small red papule or group of papules surrounded by a clear center. Individuals that are highly allergic will have a bed bug bites look which resemble skin blisters or larger round wheals. Bed bug bites are often confused with the bites of other insects such as mosquitoes and burrowing insects such as mites, so compare your bites to the pictures found below."  

Bed bug bites are actually not a bite at all, but a skin puncture.  The bed bug will insert a hollow tube into the skin, puncturing the surface.  Along with the skin puncture, the bed bug will inject proteins into the skin.  It is the reaction to these proteins that cause the bed bug skin reaction.

Since the reaction is an allergy, you see differences between people.  While the majority of people are not allergic to bed bug bites, others show some type of skin reaction. This is why one person in a bed could see bed bug bites on their body, while the other person has bites on their body.

Bed bugs tend to bite at night with most bites on skin that is exposed during sleep.  They will also bite underneath loose clothing.  Primary areas are the arms, hands, bottoms of the leg and neck.  Bed bugs rarely bite the bottoms of the feet, with scabies being a more likely cause.

The most pronounced bed bug bite symptom is skin itch.  To relieve bed bug itch, an over the counter oatmeal based topical or bath such as Aveeno or a product formulated specifically to treat bed bug itch such as ProEcza.

Bed Bug Bite Video

Mild Bed Bug Bites

Most individuals that have a skin reaction will show mild skin bumps in the area that was bitten.  These small reactions usually appear within an hour of being bitten and will go away on their own in 3 to 5 days.  It is possible for people to have a delayed skin reaction of several days, although this is rare.  

bed bug bite reaction
Picture Bed Bug Bite Mild Reaction

bed bug bite on hand

Picture Single Bed Bug Bite on Hand

bed bug bite on arm

Picture Bed Bug Bites on Arm

Bed Bug Bite Look and Appearance As Seen on the Skin of Allergic People

The appearance of a bed bug bite can differ between episodes in the same person, although the cause is unclear.  In those that are highly allergic, bites are larger in size, and take on the appearance of a wheal.

delayed bug bug bite
Picture Bedbug Bite Wheal Reaction - Occurred 24 Hours after Being Bitten

bed bug bite look
Picture Bed Bugs Bites on Arm

bed bug bite look
Picture Bed But Bite Wheal Reaction and Bed Bug Rash

Bed Bug Bite Look Patterns

Bed bugs can cause an individual bite or bites can be seen in a pattern or cluster.  For example, if bites are in a line, it is probably because a leg rested against an area where bed bugs were hiding such as a mattress seam.

bed bug bite look
Bed bug bites in a row indicate that the leg was resting against a bed seam where bed bugs are hiding

bed bug bite look
Picture - Bed bugs bite areas that are exposed during sleep such as the lower leg

Chronic Bed Bug Bite Look and Appearance

In highly allergic people, skin can blister or hives can form all over the body.

bed bug bite look
Picture Bed Bug Bite Blisters

Bed Bugs Bite - Treatment

Most bed bug bites will go away on their own in less than a week.  Avoid scratching as this might introduce microbes into the skin which will cause an infection.  If you don't see your bed bug bites healing see a Doctor.

To remove bed bugs from the home, we suggest comparing quotes from companies that are part of national networks that pre-screen exterminators such as Home Advisor. Call (866) 214-8380.  

Home treatment is possible, but time consuming.  A combination of products are needed which can be economically purchased as part of a  bed bug kit.

Bed Bug Bite Repellent

The jury is still out on bed bug repellents, although a new to market product called Bed Bug Travel and Luggage Spray, claims to repel 98% of bed bugs.  This can be helpful while fighting an infestation or when traveling.  The product is all natural and is made from flower extracts that have properties which repel insects such as bedbugs.

Bed Bug Bite Look Compared to Other Insect Bites

Bed bug bites are often confused with other bites such as mosquito bites.  It is almost impossible to tell one from the other.  Mosquito bites tend to be randomly distributed, while bed bug bites are in distinct patterns on areas of the body exposed during sleep.

bed bugs and mosquito bites

Scabies is another insect that causes skin irritation.  Problems are usually seen on the lower legs, bottoms of the feet, waist and buttocks. Scabies can be treatment with an over the counter scabies remedy.

scabies mite
Picture of Scabies

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