BedBug Bites Look

Bedbug bites look or appearance varies based on the sensitivity of the individual to salivary proteins (apyrase protein) left behind by the bedbug.  Bed bugs do not actually bite the skin, they impale it through a single stylet.  The stylet enters the skin and looks for blood supply.  It takes approximately 10 minutes for a bed bug to feed.  After feeding they move back to thier hiding places.

BedBug Bite Video

Most people will not develop any bite reaction.  A recent study by Orkin showed that less than 5% of people tested has any kind of reaction.  3.7% had an immediate bed bug bite reaction with another .8% having a reaction in the next 18 days.  Other studies show higer percentages of people showing some type of bite response (21%, Rykman 1985, 36% Bartley and Harlan 1974)

Among those individuals that do have a bedbug bite reaction, the bedbug bites look can vary from localized swelling, to a raised welt.  Bites usually itch. as depicted below.  Bed Bug bites are often referred to as swollen, pruritic reddish wheals, papulae (small, circumscribed, solid, elevated lesion of the skin), bullae (blister, or puss filled elevated skin lesion) and papular rash.

Since most people don't have a bed bug bite skin reaction, it is possible to have an infestation for weeks without noticing there is a problem.

Bites usually appear on skin areas that are exposed while sleeping such as the arms and legs.  It is possible for bites to appear on other areas, but is less common.  If bites only appear on the bottoms of the feet, the problem is probably not bed bugs, but scabies (which is caused by mites).

Bedbug Bites Look

Most people, if they have a bed bug bite skin reaction will see a raised red area on the skin as depicted below.  Most bites will resolve itself in 2 to 3 days without treatment.  An insect itch cream such as AllStop, which is made to help with bed bug itch, or calamine lotion can help with how to stop bed bug itch.  Scratching the skin can cause secondary infections to take hold.  If bites do not heal, of course seek medical attention for an antibiotic cream or pill.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

bedbug bites look
Common - Picture Bed Bug Bites

A bed bug infestation can be as large as 500 insects.  Multiple insects may feed on the human host.  Bed bugs prefer to feed at night, with most feeding happening between 4AM and 5AM. Most people will not feel a bed bug feeding on their skin. 

bedbug bites look
Picture Bed Bug Bites

bedbug bites look
Photos of Bed Bug Welts (Wheal)
 Reaction after 48 Hours

bedbug bites look
Picture Bed Bug Wheal

The following pictures depict rare, but possible reactions in those that are highly allergic.  Each bite reaction or bed bug bite episode could result in a different reaction.

bedbug bite look
Bed Bug Bites Look - Blister Skin Reaction

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

To get rid of bedbugs you need to hire an experienced bed bug exterminator or try to do it yourself.  Following the links will connect you with detailed instructions on how to choose a bed bug pest control expert or steps you need to follow for how to get rid of bed bugs.  Follow this link if you would like to see a review of bed bug sprays.

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