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Guide to Treating Bed Bugs Winnipeg Problems

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Welcome to the Bed bugs Winnipeg prevention and extermination guide. According to the CBC News the city is having an unusually large bed bug problem.  One bed bug exterminator in the region indicated that service calls are up 30%. The insects have been discovered in Winnipeg daycare centers and theaters.

On this site you can learn about all of the bed bug resources
available to you in the Winnipeg area. In general, apartment renters are not responsible for treating a bed bug infestation. By law, the landlord or building manager is responsible. Tenants are only obligated to follow
the landlords directions, such as when to allow an exterminator into an apartment. 

Home owners are responsible for treating their own infestations. Manitoba does maintain a "Bug N Scrub" program where vulnerable persons can apply for help such as moving furniture, laundry service, and general cleaning. You can apply by completing this assessment form (PDF Download).

According to Manitoba Health, Family Service and Housing, bed bugs are a problem in approximately 101 buildings with 95% of homes bed-bug free. The government has issued a presentation on bed bugs advising residents on how to kill bed bugs and steps for prevention.

Apartment Bed Bug Extermination

In Manitoba, landlords must take care of bed bug infestations. The landlord must arrange for an exterminator. Tenants are responsible for following the landlord's instructions regarding apartment preparation and for allowing the exterminator into the unit.

Renters can call 1-855-362-2847 or email with questions regarding their rights. If necessary, an inspector will be sent to the property or contact the landlord or building management to ensure that proper bed bug treatment methods are being used.

Steps for Eliminating Bed Bugs From Your Home

Homeowners are responsible for treating their own home. We always recommend calling in a bed bug exterminator. Start by contacting a network of local pest control contractors such as Home Advisor (1.877.233.1145) since they pre-screen members and only accept companies that are licensed and insured.  They also provide callers (or online) up to 4 free quotes.  This is important as treating a home or apartment can cost $1,000 or more.

You can also find reviews for local contractors on Angies List (there is a small fee for the service).

Hire an Inspection Service - The Winnipeg Dog

The Winnipeg Dog is the home of Winnipeg's first local resident bed bug sniffing dog. Their mission is to work with the citizens of Winnipeg and Winnipeg's Pest Control companies in the fight against bed bugs. Their canine scent detection service is proven, accurate, discreet, and affordable.  There are several reasons why you might want to use the Winnipeg dog as part of your bed bug treatment plan.

Winnepeg bed bug dogThe Winnipeg Bed Bug Dog Can Locate the exact locatino of a Home, Office, Hotel or Apartment Bed Bug Infestation

Proactive Inspections

Proactive inspections involve using a dog to continually inspect a facility.  This way problems are detected early. Hotels and other public facilities benefit from this approach.

Targeted and Emergency Inspections

If bed bugs are sighted, a dog can locate the exact location of the infestation for the pest control company. This reduces the time and effort used by the pest control company, and will save you money.

Followup Inspections

After any bed bugs Winnipeg treatment, the dog can inspect any treated and surrounding areas for bed bugs. It is common for exterminators to treat a room 2 to 3 times. Dogs provide a reliable way to determine if the problem has been eliminated.

Because the Winnipeg dog is not an extermination company, their independence ensures no conflict of interest in reporting. For Winnipeg customers, because the canine detective is local, there are no travel costs included in the cost of the services, and scheduling emergency services is more convenient. The Winnipeg Dog carries $2,000,000.00 commercial liability insurance, is in good standing with WCB, and is a member of the National Pest Management Association, Manitoba chapter.

To date, they have performed inspections in large government office buildings, a major downtown hotel, a 300 unit seniors complex, a meat processing plant, a retail store, and residential homes and apartments. While we are independent, they can coordinate an inspection with your pest management company. Or, if you currently have a contract with Abell Pest Control, you can arrange for Winnipeg Dog's services through their office. They also work closely with AAA Plus Exterminations.

To learn more about Bed Bugs Winnipeg, visit Winnipeg, email, or call 231-1211 for more information or to schedule an inspection.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself

The first step is to confirm that you actually have a bed bug infestation. The easiest way to do this is to capture an insect and send a sample to the Cornell diagnostic laboratory. You can also get a confirmation from a local exterminator.

If you cannot afford an exterminator, it is possible to kill bedbugs yourself if the infestation is not deeply embedded into the walls and is rapidly spreading.

The key is to use the right combination of products which are  economically purchased as part of a bed bug kit.  A typical kit will include:

  • Two types of Bed bug sprays:
  1. Knock down spray to reduce the size of the bed bug population. Only buy a mattress safe spray such as Sterifab.  This type of spray will also kill bed bug eggs (note that not all sprays kill eggs, an essential part of treatment)
  2. Residual Spray: Provides longer lasting protection.  Use a spray such as Phantom
  3. Bed Bug Dust

In addition to a kit, if your mattress is in good shape and worth keeping, cover both the mattress and box spring after the room has been treated. The cover will keep any new bed bugs from hiding in the mattress and will trap any that were missed during treatment.

Step 1: Clean the Room and Steam

Every inch of an infested room needs to be inspected and cleaned.  Start by vacuuming the entire room. Use the vacuum crevice tool around  the seams of the mattress, inside and outside the box spring and the bed frame.  Vacuum along the baseboards.  If you have a hand steamer, steam all areas where bed bugs might hide, focused in areas around the bed.

Hand steamer for bed bugsA Hand Steamer Generates Enough Heat to Kill Bed Bugs Winnipeg Problems (45 degrees Celcius)

Throw out any clutter to remove any potential hiding places such as books and magazines.  Wash all linens in hot water followed by 20 to 30 minutes in the dryer.  Empty drawers that are near the bed into plastic bins with snap tight lids.  Wash what you can in the washing machine.  Place drawer objects in the freezer for 5 days to ensure that objects are bed bug and bed bug egg free. 

As an alternative, a portable heat duffel, called a PackTite, can hold an object as large as a suitcase, which is then heated to temperatures that can kill bed bugs.

Electronics should be thoroughly inspected. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to treat  electronics without causing damage.

Step 2 - Spray and use Bed Bug Dust

To do a complete bed bug treatment you will need two types of sprays, a knock down spray which kills bed bugs and eggs on contact and a residual spray which will provide lasting bed bug protection and kill any bed bugs you might have missed.  Only use a mattress safe knock down spray on the mattress such as Sterifab.

bed bug mattress spray treatmentPicture: Treating a Mattress with a Mattress safe bed bugs spray such as Sterifab

To save money when treating bed bugs in Winnipeg, we suggest purchasing either an insecticide based bed bug kit or an organic bed bug kit.

Be sure to spray inside nearby furniture, underneath drawers etc. with both kinds of spray, starting with the knock down spray.

When the spray dries, spread a thin layer of bed bug dust (also called fossil dust or diatomaceous earth in any cracks and crevices).

Step 3: Cover the Mattress and Box Spring

After the bedbug sprays dry, buy and cover both the mattress and box spring with a cover designed to trap bed bugs inside the mattress that you might have missed during the treatment. 

For more information, see our detailed instructions on bed bug treatment.

Winnipeg Bed Bug Government and other Resources

Bed Bug Presentation
- Manitoba Health, Family Service and Housing

What you should know about bed bugs
- Province of Manitoba

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Bed Bugs Winnipeg Information

Bed bugs becoming real pests in Winnipeg
- CBC news

Bed Bug Fact Sheet (PDF Download)
- Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Toronto Public Health - Bed Bugs
- Toronto Public Health

Bed Bug Management Best Practices
- National Pest Management Association

Bed Bugs Winnipeg News

Bed bugs Winnipeg plague seniors’ complex
- Winnipeg Free Press

Bed Bugs Winnipeg Video - Bed Bugs spreading in Winnipeg -CTV


Each of these free brochures that address bed bugs Winnipeg problems provide additional information on how to identify bed bugs in your home or apartment.

Information on bed bugs Winnepeg problems. How to get rid of bed bugs and laws that effect renters.
Available in a free Ebook

How to remove a bed bugs infestation from an apartment. Produced by the province of Manitoba for tenants.
Available in a free Ebook

Rights of tenants and landlords in the province of Manitoba/div>
Available in a free Ebook

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