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Trouble Killing Bed Bugs in Furniture

by Mirek
(calgay.ab canada)

Don't believe anyone when they say they can get rid of them. Nothing kills them. You have to throw all infested furniture away. Even an exterminator did not get rid of ours. It has cost us about $4000.00 already in lost furniture.

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Sorry to hear about all of your trouble getting rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, it sounds like your exterminator didn't have the right equipment to solve your problem.

The key to killing bed bugs that are hiding deep in furniture cracks is heat. All bed bugs and bed bug eggs are killed at 113F or 45C. By heating the furniture higher than these levels, heat will permeate the furniture and kill the bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

For example, some extermination firms have a heat chamber on a truck or at their facility. They could also do the same to an entire apartment or home.

I'd also suggest contacting Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency at 1-800-267-6315 who might have some suggested bed bug pest control experts in your area. I'd also contact several local bed bug experts such as Terminix (1-877-291-4849) to see if they have the proper equipment.

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