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Please identify this bug!

by Akanksha Ramesh
(Mumbai, India)

Hi I am from Mumbai, India. I found these bugs hidden inside the electrical switchboard and inside cracks and crevices in the wall and wooden furnitures. Does someone know what it might be? They look similar to a bed bug but have never bitten me. They move very fast when touched. And they are around 1mm in length very tiny, so was difficult to obtain a clearer pic than this, please help!

Editor Comment

Hi Akanksha,

Sorry to hear about your insect infestation.

While it is difficult to see the image, there are several possibilities:

Cockroach nymphs: Young cockroaches, also known as nymphs, have a similar shape and size to bed bugs but are usually a lighter brown or even a translucent color. They also have six legs and long antennae.

Booklice (Psocids): These tiny insects are light brown or pale-colored and have a teardrop-shaped body. They are often found in damp and humid environments and may infest books, papers, or wallpaper. Booklice have six legs and long antennae.

Spider beetles: Spider beetles are small, oval-shaped insects with six legs and long antennae. They can vary in color from pale brown to dark reddish-brown or black. They are commonly found in pantries or other areas with stored food products.

Carpet beetles: These small, oval-shaped beetles have six legs and short antennae. They come in various colors and patterns, including black, brown, and mottled. Carpet beetles are often found in homes, feeding on natural fibers, pet hair, and other organic materials.

Ants: Some small ant species may be found hiding behind electrical outlets, searching for food or shelter. Ants have six legs, a segmented body, and antennae.

To accurately identify the insect, it is helpful to capture it and examine it closely, preferably with a magnifying glass. In case of an infestation or persistent sightings of the insect, consider contacting a pest control professional for proper identification and control measures.


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