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I Will Win Over These Evil Invaders But it Does Take Spiritual Magic.

by Susan Oliver
(Seattle WA)

I don't feel alive anymore. I feel controlled lesions on my scalp, lesions on my back, lesions on my face, people just blow me off, relatives friends, they all think I am delusional, But I know something is not right here. the back of my neck is swollen from infection on my scalp, and I itch like crazy. Face the music people these things - vampire bugs are sweeping our communities and people do not realize it.

Oh no, no, these are not spider bites fleabites, mosquito bites, flies or gnats. These are the weapons of mass destruction my friends. Why do you think such madness is going on in Washington, I would be willing to bet some of these people are very very sleep deprived, and guess what from. the killer bug that sets off an allergic alarm that drives you crazy. I have had these things for two yrs and I cannot think straight anymore. I give up they are my friends now. I will need a vitamin iv and a blood transfusion soon though.

Editor Comment:

Dear Susan,

I understand that dealing with bed bugs can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Bed bugs bites can cause itching, redness, and in some cases, allergic reactions. It can be difficult to get a good night's sleep and the constant worry of these bugs can cause emotional distress. It is important to know that you are not alone in this situation, and there are steps you can take to address the problem. It is important to contact your landlord or property manager immediately and inform them of the infestation. They may have a protocol in place for dealing with bed bugs and will be able to schedule an inspection and extermination. In the meantime, you can take steps to reduce the number of bed bugs by vacuuming regularly, sealing cracks and crevices, and encasing your mattress and box spring in protective covers. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction or if you have any concerns, it is best to seek medical attention.


Jeff G.
Bed Bugs Handbook

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