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Can Bedbugs Breed on a Chair

by Karensa
(Austin, TX)

Bed Bug Eggs on Couch

Bed Bug Eggs on Couch

Reader Question

Do bedbugs breed in cloth chairs?

Editor Response to Bedbug Breeding

Hi Karensa,

Yes, bed bugs can breed in cloth chairs. In general, bed bugs can breed anywhere. All you need are an adult male and female. Once impregnated, the female will lay several eggs a day for a total of 500 over her lifetime. This is why all it takes is one pregnant bed bug to start a large infestation.

Female bedbugs prefer to lay eggs on rough surfaces such as a fabric chair or couch. The cluster of eggs is laid out of site, such as in a chair seam, and attaches to the surface with a glue like substance. This sticky substance prevent vacuums from sucking up the eggs.

Bed bug eggs can be killed using a spray such as Sterifab or with heat. For example, a hand steamer or holding a hair dryer on a seam for 10 seconds will generate the required heat. You can also remove eggs by applying a piece of duct tape to the eggs and pulling.

The eggs are sometimes hard to spot since they are the size of a small seed. I've uploaded some pictures to show you what they look like.Click here for more on bed bug egg pictures and advice.

Best of Luck


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