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Can Bed Bugs Move From Room to Room?

by Tiffany Hollister
(Highland New York Ulster)

Can bed bugs flow is from room to room? We live in a motel and we already have roaches and now my husband is getting bit. He has noticed that he has bites.

Could they have come from someone's room to our room.

Editor Response:

Hi Tiffany, thanks for your question. The answer is yes. Studies have shown that there is a 20% chance that bed bugs will move from room to room. This can be from a room above, below or next to yours. It is entirely possible that if a hotel room next to yours is infested with bed bugs, as the infestation grows, the insects can spread through the walls to your room.

Because of this, we would ask the motel manager if the any of the rooms adjacent to yours have been inspected or recently treated for bed bugs. A motel owner has an obligation to keep the motel free from insects. You can check with your local department of health if you need more information.

Best of Luck,


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