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" Bed bugs Idaho problems are on the rise, a   problem which is consistent in terms of what is seen r in the rest of the country. Other areas are seeing an  increase as much as 71% since 2001. Reports from Boise bed bug exterminators show a marked increase in bedbug related calls."  

Bed bug related complaints are on the rise around the country and the world.  According to reports in the Idaho Statesman, reports in the southwestern part of the state have been on the rise.  One pest control company reports that calls are up 4005 to 500% this year (2010). The Boise branch of one national best control company reports 3 to 5 calls/month referencing bed bugs vs. the total of 4 bed bug treatments applied all of last year.

 Infestations are usually spread by people carrying bugs from place to place in luggage when traveling or when they purchase used furniture or mattresses.  For this reason, most problems occur in hotels of college dormitories.

That said, when they crawl into your luggage, many people then transport them home, resulting in a home or apartment problem.

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Idaho

If you have a large infestation, call a professional extermination company that has the equipment to fight bedbugs .  It can take 2 pest control experts an entire day to remove them all.

We suggest starting with a call to Service Magic (877-233-1145), They are a network of contracts that pre-screen members.  There is no charge for calling and they will provide up to 4 free quotes.  Contacting multiple firms is important since 1) treatment can cost $1000  or more, 2) some firms charge for an in-home inspection and 3) ask each firm about the chemical (pesticides) and mechanical methods (heat, carbon dioxide spray, vacuuming) used.

For smaller infestations consider purchasing a do it yourself kit made up of all organic products (organic kit) or a kit made up of insecticide bed bug products..

Many of the product sold in a local hardware store do not work, particularly bed bug bombs which are thought to just disperse many of the insects.

For detailed information on eradicating bedbugs, read how to kill bed bugs. The simple steps are to:

Bed Bugs Idaho - News Stories

- KPVI News 6 Pocatello, Idaho Falls

From Blackfoot to Boise, Idaho bit by bedbugs

Idaho Government Resources

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture
- responsible for invasive species with some available information on bedbugs.  They are also responsible for pesticide licensing and certification in Idaho.

Bed Bug Idaho Area Reports 

To see if the Idaho  hotels you are planning to say in have a had a bed bug problem see the site Bed Bug Registry.  Just enter the hotel name or apartment address.

Idaho Bed Bug Pest Control Companies

Interview several companies when looking for a pest control company as rates and the types of equipment vary between companies.  Ask them what approach they use and determine your level of comfort.  Some companies like to use natural methods like heat to kill bedbugs while others prefer chemical approaches or a combination of the two.

As mentioned above, to find a licensed bed bugs Idaho contractor we suggest contacting the Service Magic Network (1.877-233-1145) since they provide up to 4 free quotes, a service that other companies may charge for.

For consumer reviews of local pest control experts in any part of Idaho you can also check the customer reviews on Angies List.

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