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Apartment Infested In Bed Bugs - Need Help

I live in an apartment building that is infested. It has been over a year now and SPRAYING DOESN'T WORK! The landlord has sprayed the little bit he has to by law. I have taken matters into my own hands and have bought sprays in cans- foggers- sprays in bottles- sticky pads- dusts name it! NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

I am highly allergic so when i get bitten I blow up massively unlike other people and because of this I detect and find the bugs as soon as I get bit. Tonight i found a nymph on my pillow! It bit me 7 times all together and now have to go to the hospital again. Tea tree oil helps the bite from swelling so bad but it is HELL!

I have a newborn that I am terrified is allergic too. I cannot move because I will just take them with me wherever I go... so what can i do?

I have tried bed coverings..they LITERALLY eat little holes in them - it is ridiculous..... DDT is illegal but I am ready to go make some in my basement here just to get rid of this epidemic issue!!!!!!! (I wouldn't know how to make DDT if i wanted to)

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Aug 26, 2022
Bed bugs in apartment
by: Anonymous

Excellent suggestions. I did all of what you suggested. Got an inspection and had things documented. Took pictures. Called the health department, landlord blew it off. I always contacted him via text message, in writing. That's when I paid $250 for a lawyer to send him a letter.

In some states the apartment is deemed uninhabitable and you can withhold rent until the situation is resolved. My lawyer told me I didn't have to pay a penny for the time I lived with a friend waiting for him to fix it. It's never a bad idea to consult with an attorney after you find out what the laws are. Sometimes if the landlord knows you are elsewhere, he doesn't care. It's a win win if he thinks you won't hassle him and keep paying. That wasn't going to happen. All I could think about was my stuff getting more and more infested because I wasn't there to.protect it. I stayed elsewhere and he lost money. Sometimes you have to hit them where it hurts, their pocket to get something done..In the meantime the people below me kept denying having bedbugs and set off bombs sending them upstairs. I was finding baby bed bugs in my bathroom and bath tub. The day he had a pro come to spray, the downstairs tenants threw out all of their furniture. PCO confirmed they were ground zero. They admitted garbage picking an infested couch.

He sprayed twice a year for a couple of years. They were still there when I moved out 4 years later. Landlord.sold the house with bed bugs and the tenants downstairs refused to move even when someone else took possession. They just did NOT care...they put me thru the worst years of my life. The sooner you act the better.

I had all of my stuff treated before it was moved out, when it was on the moving truck and it was sprayed again before it was moved into my new house which I had sprayed as well. Left behind a brand new sectional because to me that was just too many layers of foam and hiding places. I am still paying for that and making payments on another new couch. So far so good. Except I still look for the darn things at night.

Don't wait. The longer you go thru it the more programmed you become to live in paranoia. I swear I will never be the same. In my mind they are still with me. The mental torment is the worst part about it. Things will get better but the sooner it's addressed the sooner you can go back to a normal life. Good luck to all.

May 08, 2021
Help With Bug Bugs in Apartments
by: Jeff


We are so sorry to hear about your bed bug problems. You mention a couple of issues that we can address one at a time.

1. Bed Bugs in Your Apartment and Landlords Providing Inadequate Treatment

There is a 20% chance that larger bed bug infestations will move from one apartment to another (an adjacent apartment can be above, below or next door to yours). Given the time that has gone by without effective treatment, we would bet that the bed bugs have spread throughout your building. Sprays may temporarily reduce the problem. We would contact the landlord in writing that you are requested inspection and treatment of all adjacent apartments. Take pictures of the problem for your records.

Contact your local department of health to determine the law in your area regarding the landlords obligation. Tell the department of health or regulatory body for rentals in your area what is going on and ask them to contact the landlord for help. Your country government should be able to help with the issue.

2. Bed Bug Foggers

Bed bug foggers should never be use as they just chase bed bugs into the walls. While sprays and other methods will reduce the problem, relief is temporary since they will just return from an adjacent apartment.

3. DDT

Beyond being outlawed, many bed bugs have become resistant to DDT. So even if you got your hands on some, it may not work in your area.

4. Protect Yourself While Sleeping

For now, you can attempt to reduce the bed bug population around your bed. This isn't foolproof.

1. Get an inexpensive bed bug mattress and box spring cover from Walmart. This will trap and kill any insects.
2. For added protection, spray and let dry the mattress before covering. Use a quality spray such as Sterifab.
3. Put Climbup Interceptors under each bed leg. This way new insects can't climb up onto the bed after you treat the bed frame and cover the mattress and box spring.
4. Move the bed several inches away from any walls or furniture.
5. Wash in hot water any sheets, blankets etc.
6. Get a new pillow.
7. Cover any bare skin when sleeping (except your face). Put socks over your feet and over the bottom of your pajamas. Wear light gloves over the shirt.

Again, this is temporary relief as bed bugs will eventually find a way to get back to the bed.

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