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Guide to Bed Bug Binghamton Metro Area Resources

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Adult (left) and Juvenile (right) Actual Size Bed Bugs


Incidents with Bed Bugs in the Binghamton Metro area are common. Like other areas of the country, bed bugs are  carried into town by visitors, tourists and college students.

Luckily, the Broome County Department of Health provides education on the issue. Code enforcement agencies in each city work with tenants and building owners to correct any problems since an infestation is considered a code violation.

When bed bugs are found in a building code inspectors will issue a violation against the responsible party, which can be the property owner or the tenant. The responsible party is then asked to hire an exterminator to eliminate the problem.  If the infestation still exists when the code inspector returns, a court appearance ticket is issued.

Bed Bug Cases

A local Binghamton area exterminator has indicated that he receives approximately 10 calls a week for bed bug control help. This problem is increasing in frequency across the Souther Tier of New York.

Binghamton University reported over 30 cases since 2004. The University claims that they take deliberate steps to control the problem such as disposal of mattresses and room fumigation. In Broome county low-income housing properties, cases have been treated in 2 apartments in 2016.

In 2016 Bed Bugs were found in Binghamton City High School. The district does have procedural guidelines for how to address any suspected infestations.  Bd bugs were also found in a backpack in the  Ithaca City School District.

how to get rid of bed bugs in binghamton

If bed bugs are in your home, dormitory or business it means that they were dropped into your residence by another person. This includes purchasing used furniture or mattresses that have bed bugs hiding inside or even from unpacking luggage that transported the bugs from one location to another.  Obviously  a common occurrence in dormitories.

The first decision a homeowner has is to "do it yourself" with a kit or to hire an exterminator. If you live in an apartment contact the landlord in writing to create a record of the complaint. If action is not taken, call the code enforcement office in Endicott, Binghamton, Johnson City. If you do not live in these places, call local government for advice.

how to hire an exterminator

Pest control experts can be expensive as many charge for the on site inspection ($100+) and then the treatment itself ($750+). Treatment can take an entire day. Of course, professionals know where to look for the bedbugs and their eggs. Finding and killing eggs can be tricky.

It pays to interview several professionals to compare costs and treatment methods. We suggest contacting  Home Advisor (1.877.233.1145), which is a network of pre-screened local independent exterminators and other home professionals. They provide up to 3 free quotes and certify that members are licensed and insured.  You can also search our database of bed bug exterminators.

We also suggest checking exterminator reviews on Angie's List.

Exterminator Questions

  • Experience with Bed Bugs in the Binghamton area (some bed bugs are insecticide resistant, experience will show which product work)
  • Guarantee (bed bug treatment typically require 3 visits)
  • Child and pet safety
  • Methods used (chemical, organic, mechanical, heat, freezing)
  • How items such as  home electronics will be treated
  • Availability of a bed bug sniffing dog

do it yourself bed bug treatment

For small infestations that have not entered walls, a do it yourself approach to bed bug treatment can be effective. Multiple products are needed which can be affordably purchased in a bed bug kit.

Product Needed:

  • Mattress Safe Knock down spray (kills on contact)
  • Residual spray (kills what you might have missed over 1 to 3 weeks)
  • Bed bug dust (leaves a layer of protection)

Treatment Steps and Directions:

1. Start by bagging and removing items from the infested room. To avoid spreading the infestation only used sealed bins or bags.  Throw out any clutter.  Vacuum the room and any visible bed bugs hiding in mattress seams and other parts of the room.

2. Wash any linens in hot water followed by 30 minutes in the dryer. Wash anything you can including sneakers.

3. Treat infested items with the knock down spray such as Sterifab.  After items are sprayed, such as the mattress, move to a "clean" zone outside of the room being treated.  Treat item by item.  Test sprays on furniture before using for staining. Sterifab has been shown to be 100% effective in a University of Kentucky study on insecticide resistant bed bugs.

treating mattress with bed bug sprayUse a Bed Bug Mattress Safe Spray around the seams and tufts of the mattress and inside/outside of the box spring.

4. Use a spray that provides longer lasting protection such as Phantom or Bedlam.  Remove items to the "safe" area after treatment.

Treat Inside of Furniture, Under Drawers, the Bed Frame, Baseboard and other Credit Card Sized Cracks and Crevices with Both the Knock Down and then Residual Spray.

5. Spread bed bug dust in a thin layer in the mattress and around baseboards.

Bed Bug Dust can be used in any cracks and crevices after spray treatment to provide lasting protection.
Shown: JT Eaton Bed Bug Dust

6. After spray dries, cover mattress and box springs with covers such as those made by Allerzip.

7. Confirm the infestation is gone by placing inexpensive ClimpUp Interceptors under each bed or furniture leg. When the "interceptors" stay empty, the infestation is gone.

If you buy a bed bug kit it will come with detailed instructions or see our guide to bed bug treatment.

Do Not Use These Products

Products such as bed bug bombs and many sprays are showing bed bug resistance, so stay with those mentioned above as indicated in this study from the University of Kentucky on bedbug resistance.

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Binghamton and southern tier bed bugs government resources

Broome County has issued guidelines for how to stop bed bugs safely.

Check here if your contractor is registered with the New York State Department of Conservation or call (718) 482-4944.

Binghamton Bed Bugs Registry

To check on consumer reports of Bed Bugs in the Binghamton area, check the Bed Bug Registry.

Free brochure

New York Department of Health Guide to Bed Bug treatment for property owners, managers and tenants.
Available in a free Ebook

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