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Worst Stay at Myrtle Beach S.C. Ever

by Sylvia
(sumter s.c.usa)

In january 2011, me and my kids father stayed at the Comfort inn & suites of Myrtle beach all to wake up after only sleeping in the bed about 4HRS to find myself covered in welts and bites.

I then reported it to the manager who was very apologetic and refunded our money. At the time we had no knowledge of how powerful bed bugs are. I didn't even know they were contagious when I picked up my then 2 yr old leaving my then 3 month old at my mothers.

Later the itching and the swelling begun to get worse, that's when I knew I had to seek medical attention, only to soon find out that the bites had started commingle out on my kids father, and had spread to my 2 yr old son. At the first visit to the ER which was accompanied by4 other visits I was told that all of my swelling was welts caused by bed bugs lodging their selves under my skin, which is also known as a form of bed bug scabies. Till this day Aug2011 my family is still experiencing the feeling of something crawling on our skin and at the sight their is nothing there. Some say I'm going crazy. I say bed bugs has and is still is making my life a living HELL. Know to top it all off insurance adjuster just denied our claims, what do we do know?

Editor Comment on Bed Bugs in Hotels

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Unfortunately many hotels do not do a thorough bed bug inspection before new guests arrive. We always suggest checking the mattress and bed frames for any signs of bed bugs. You see any red, black or brown discoloration immediately ask for another room.

You can also ask when checking in if a room has recently been treated for bed bugs.

If you do believe there are bed bugs in the room, you can avoid bringing them home by not bringing anything into the home (including your clothes). Only bring in items that are in a sealed bin or bag and that are heading straight for the washing machine (wash on hot then 30 minutes in the dryer.

I hope you can resume a normal life soon.

Editor, Bed Bugs Handbook

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