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Who Pays For Laundry After Bed Bug Infestation

I do not have bedbugs but have been notified that an adjoining apartment does. I have been advised that my apartment will be treated anyway for protection against them spreading.

I must launder all my clothing in drawers and closets. My question is who is responsible to pay for this? The Landlord will pay for the exterminator, but as a Senior on limited income, I can not pay for this additional cost of laundering everything.

Editor Suggestions - Landlord Request That You Launder Clothes Before Bed Bug Treatment in Apartment

If your landlord is requiring you to launder all of your clothing as part of the bed bug treatment plan, it is reasonable to ask your landlord to cover the cost of laundering.

You can discuss this with your landlord and ask if they can provide any assistance with the cost of laundering your clothing. Explain your financial situation and that you are unable to cover the cost yourself. It is possible that your landlord may be willing to provide some assistance or make alternative arrangements.

In some cases, landlords may have insurance coverage that includes coverage for additional expenses associated with bed bug treatments, such as laundry costs. Your landlord may be able to use this insurance coverage to cover the cost of laundering your clothing.

If your landlord is unwilling to cover the cost of laundering, you may want to consider contacting a local tenant advocacy organization for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance on your legal rights and options for addressing the issue.

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