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Thanks! I highly recommend this bed bugs site.

I don't have a bed bug story (yet, thank God).

I do very much want to thank you for your Bed
Bugs Handbook website. I went to site after
site that promised photos of bed bug bites and
waded through ad after ad for products for get-
ting rid of bed bugs.

The people associated with the site seemed not to give a hoot about the person visiting the site, just about making money off people who are desperately itching.

The fact that I live in a very rural area and
still use dial-up, and have an older computer
loaded with stuff, made the search exceedingly
slow. I thought I was going to go nuts! Well...,
more nuts. ;-) I was about to give up when I
found your site.

Thank God, again. Photos and
more photos. Thoughtful, informative information,
clearly presented. Your information helped me
figure out that my little red bumps that start
itching before you can see them, then develop
little liquid filled bubbles on the top, which
break open when you scratch--fierce itch, fierce
scratching, oozing, more red bumps cluster around
the first one. Then, joy, joy, they all run together. Lucky me. Eczema I think. Off to the doctor I go, relieved that I don't have to wage war on bed bugs.

Good luck to all you folks who do.
I understand
that the U.S. is undergoing at present a resurgence of bed bugs, and they could move in with any of us any time we have been traveling or otherwise visiting... know!

Thanks again for your web-
site. If I ever again wonder about bed bugs, this
is the first site I will visit.


Itch, itch

:-) I felt like you cared!!!

After reading submission guidelines:
I wrote this to say thank you (could not find
another place to write), not for submission,
but it's yours now. You are welcome to do as you
wish. Please do protect my email address. Thanks

Oops!! Just found the "comment" place below
"submissions." Sorry!

Editor Comment

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know that you found our bed bug information helpful. We work very hard to provide well researched facts on bed bugs.

It's quite common for readers to believe that the cause of skin itching is bed bugs, when in fact it's another skin problem. Also, due to pesticide resistance, it's important to be able to differentiate between bed bug products.

Best of luck with the skin condition you identified. We are actually contributing bed bug information to a sister site, Skin Care & Health to help their readers tell the difference between a bite and other skin problems.

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