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Terrified by Bed Bugs

by Sanya
(Garfield, NJ USA)

Hi! My friend has bed bugs but I did not know of that since the moment I got bit by her..So now 2 days ago I got bit 3 times in my living room from a bed bug.

Now I bought bedlam spray, echo powder and Phantom! I sprayed the house today and I am trying to get a steamer..But does the sprays gonna help us for now??:

I have a 14 months old boy and me and my husband are just too scared..Please give me some advice and does the steamer gonna kill this bugs?

Editor Comment

Hi Sanya,

If you use the Bedlam spray to kill bed bug eggs and bed bugs on contact, followed by the use of Phantom for some lasting protection you should be in good shape. We applaud you for buying exactly the right sprays which are effective against insecticide resistant bed bugs.

After the spray dries, applying a light dusting of the powder will help as well.

Steaming is for an extra layer of protection. We would not worry that you couldn't apply that step.

Note that even with the sprays it could take 2 to 3 treatments. Each time you treat, the size of the bed bug population will decline.

Consider buying an inexpensive bed bug trap such as a Climb Up. If the trap remains empty for 2 weeks, it is an indication that your treatment approach has been effective.

Best of luck,


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