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Tea Tree Oil For Bed Bugs

by Reader Suggestion

I have been using tea tree oil to kill the bedbugs and it works right on contact. but it does leave oil residue on matresses. This oil also costs a bit but its herbal and doesnt bother the people with breathing problems. It does how ever have a strong smell to it. I hope this helps some people out.

Editor Comment Bed Bugs Tea Tree Oil

We do not recommend the use of tea tree oil to treat bed bugs. First, the oil can cause human skin irritation, making it unsafe for general family use. The product is also toxic to cats and pets.

According to the Bedbugger Forum, if the tea tree oil is diluted it is not effective at repelling bed bugs.

We could not locate any scientific proof that this product is effective. Also, Tea Tree Oil does not have a residual or long lasting killing effect when applied, making it a poor choice as a bed bug insecticide.

Instead, if you prefer to use an all natural treatment method, we'd suggest exploring the natural plant extract based products offered by Dermisil. This type of product when combined with diatomaceous earth (also called bed bug dust or fossil dust) is a viable natural alternative (along with vacuuming and the use of steam). These products have been tested for killing bed bugs, unlike the tea tree oil or other untested bed bug home remedies.

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