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Small infestation

by B&S1987
(Knoxville, TN)

Hi, I just determined that I have bed bugs from a series of bites on my arms and identifying one crawling past my head back behind the bed after finishing his midnight snack (>.<).

Horrible, horrible experience, believe me when I say it! I had to contact my property manager on a Saturday to notify her to call a pest control company. I have done a LOT of research on bedbugs after realizing I had them and what all the bites were that are literally leaving open sores and scars all over my hands, arms, feet and legs.

I am praying they bring a container truck with a heating element, not just spray since we have had an epidemic here in Knoxville, TN. recently at an elderly care home. I cannot sleep at night without being woke up to something crawling on me. I sleep in the day on the couch in the living room, only after inspecting every inch of myself and clothing to make sure they don't follow me! It is now Saturday and I have to make it until Monday, though I do realize this won't be a one hitter quitter I'm still anxious for relief!

I am not, repeat, am NOT getting rid of my furniture, no matter what pest control or property manager say. I will remove from apartment, fumigate or spray and steam treat and use vacuum at local car wash (has amazing suction power ^_^) to clean each and every inch of furniture after requesting pest control to spray items as well. I am bagging up everything and moving all possible clutter and furniture away to make room for them. I hope this turns out well, will update as soon as Monday comes! Wish me luck! I'm terrified.

Editor Suggestions Regarding Bed Bug Apartment Problem

Dear B&S

Thanks for your note. Heat treatment is very effective, particularly if the entire building is being treated. Heat is also a great way to treat the furniture. Also, research shows that there is a 20% change that bed bugs spread to adjoining rooms and a 7% chance that they will enter apartments above and below yours, so make sure all are treated by the landlord.

If you have
any doubts (although probably not necessary), you might want to apply a do it yourself treatment in your apartment as a followup. A good inexpensive option is the New York Bed Bug Kit.

To make sure all of the bed bugs are gone, a good option is to buy a set of 4 bed bug climbup interceptors. These area placed under each bed leg, and trap any bed bugs trying to climb up onto the bed. If they didn't catch any, then you are probably free of bed bugs.

Best of luck and please keep us up to date. Don't be surprised if it takes 2 to 3 treatments to eliminate the problem.

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Aug 30, 2010
Bed bugs brought home from sleep over
by: Anonymous

My son and daughter had a sleep-over at a friends house 4 days ago. I knew she had been dealing with a bed-bug problem and had called out professionals to deal with the problem.

Today my son woke up with several bites (they were in a line all along his collar bone) I immediately took his box spring and mattress out side where it has been all day in temperatures of nearly 90 degrees after a thorough examination I found 1 bed bug at least I think that's what it was, but no other visual signs, I have purchased a bomb and some spray which I am about to use shortly and I am going to wrap the mattress in clear plastic I have only seen 3 bed-bugs, but my son has an awful lot of bites. I was told that I will have to throw all his books away is this true?

Editor Tips and Comment

Thanks for your comment.

Regarding your treatment approach, it will not help. Bed bug bombs are ineffective at treating a bed bug infestation. They only cause the bed bugs to scatter more and hide in walls and cracks around the room floor.

Regarding the mattress, 90 degree weather will not kill bed bugs. A mattress would need to heat to at least 120F to kill all bed bugs and bed bug eggs. You are better off 1) treating the mattress by first vacuuming all seams and then 2) use a mattress safe bed bug spray such as Sterifab. Spray lightly along all seams and under the label. Treat the box spring as well. After the spray dries, then purchase and use zippered mattress and box spring covers. You can buy them from WalMart online to save money.

You also need to treat the bed frame, cracks in furniture, along the walls etc. Vacuum first and then treat with either the Sterifab or buy another spray that is made specifically for this purpose - I recommend Phantom.

Also, be sure to wash in hot water followed by 20 minutes in the dryer all blankets, sheets etc. Only carry to the washing machine in a plastic bag.

In terms of the books, you can either inspect them for bed bugs and eggs (see site under pictures), or better yet. go over them with a hair dryer, set on low air, high heat setting for about 30 seconds in each area, particularly around the spine. This should kill all bed bugs and eggs.

You have to aggressive with bed bugs before they spread. Follow the step by step treatment plan. Better yet, call in a professional with experience fighting bed bugs. I'd call a national chain such as Terminix (call 877-291-4849) since they offer a free onsite inspection (so you'll know the extent of the problem. You can also get four free quotes from Service Magic (call 877-233-1145).

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