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I have found nightly dousing with Avon's Skin so Soft helps keep bed bugs from biting. WE are insanely trying to keep some controls on the bugs using a myriad of treatments which work marginally. However, the Skin so Soft really helps the most. When I watched a movie in my living room, I experienced lots of "crawling" but when I put on the skin so soft, I rested on the couch comfortably. Try it -if the bugs are getting to you and see if it helps you rest/ relax/ and sleep better too.

Editor Note Regarding Bed Bugs Repellent Products and Skin So Soft

Thanks for sharing your experience with Skin So Soft.

In laboratory animal studies on rabbits, DEET, a common repellent shown in products such as Off Insect Repellent showed a repellent rate of 83% to 93%. The Avon Skin So Soft contains Picaridin which is a widely used alternative to DEET. I haven't seen any studies on Skin So Soft specifically, but we bet this is why you are seeing a similar bed bug repellent effect.

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Apr 03, 2011
skin so soft original body replenishing lotion and diatomaceous earth
by: Anonymous

I have been using the skin so soft - this has prevented bites really well. as to the diatomaceous earth, i spread the 'safer' brand of this on my actual mattress. last night i did not put the skin so soft on, and i got a bite! it is seriously worth a try.

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