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Skin Bumps at Night

by Nikki

I am freaking out idk what to do my daughters bed is so stained that I'm not sure if we have bed bugs or dust mites maybe she needs a new bed.

Anyways, I have seen blood marks but they might also be from my kids cuts we looked all around and haven't found any bugs at husband thinks I'm crazy maybe its an allergy but I had to sleep in her room for a few days cause my husband had the flu and I started waking up with mosquito bite type bumps on my leg on the side of my boob, stomach, arms, back, they weren't clustered.

I also have very sensitive skin and I get hives alot but with hives they always cluster when I itch them them. I had one on the front of my thigh that was like a hard pimple that's the only one that's still visible. The others disappeared after half an hour ...I don't want to drive myself crazy and we cant afford an exterminator so I don't want to waste the money if it's just an allergy. I'd only want to get rid of her bed thinking it is just so filthy that it is causing an allergic reaction only to buy a new one and have the same problem someone please help me....

Editor Suggestion Causes of Skin Bumps

Dear Nikki,

Sorry to hear about the skin bump problem. First let's start with insect bites. Insects tend to bite in local or specific areas of the body. For example, bed bugs bite on areas of the body that are
exposed during sleep, limiting bites to the lower legs, arms, neck etc. While it is possible that they will bite under loose fitting clothing, it is not as likely. So in this case, I'd guess that your problem is not caused by bed bugs.

To be sure, run a wire brush inside any possible hiding places on the mattress (or the tip of a screw driver or other thin object). See if you can dislodge any bed bugs. They are visible to the eye. If you can't, and given that the bites or skin bumps are all over your body, you probably do not have a case of bed bugs.

There are other insects that can cause skin irritation such as lice, fleas, and mites. Mites are a possible cause, as they burrow under the skin. A doctor could do some skin testing to determine if this is the problem.

The most likely cause is some type of allergy. You mentioned that you have sensitive skin. For example, dry skin (from the heat during the cold weather), could be an explanation for the skin symptoms you describe. A dermatologist could be of some help.

If you really believe there is an insect cause, consider calling a local Terminix office, as they do free in home inspections. You can also call Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) for a local exterminator. Call a few companies to see if they will inspect your home for a low fee ($25 - $50).

You can read this page on the causes of body itch

Best of luck and please let us know how you resolved your skin problem.

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