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Lost everything an apartment because of bed bugs !


I move out from the apartment, because of a major bed bug problem. I contacted the landlord on many occasions, someone came out but never totally cleared the problem.

I found a new home, and basically because the bugs were so bad - I had to trash 90 percent of my personal belongings. Myself and wife are in very desperate need, for money to replace our necessities.

Based on the circumstances, it seems as though the owner will owe me some cash - at least my initial deposit returned.

Any suggestions, I reside in Ohio???

Editor Response

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with bed bugs and the resulting loss of your personal belongings. If the infestation was severe enough to require you to dispose of most of your belongings, you may be able to get the landlord to reimburse you for the damages.

It may be worth consulting with a lawyer or contacting your local tenant's rights organization to understand your legal options and get help with the process. If you can't afford a lawyer contact the local legal aide society for assistance.

In Ohio, you can contact Legal Aid of Western Ohio for assistance with legal issues related to housing and tenant rights. They may be able to provide you with free legal assistance or refer you to other resources.

Additionally, you can contact the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section for help with consumer complaints related to the bed bug infestation.

You can start by documenting all the expenses related to the bed bug problem, including the cost of replacing your personal belongings and any expenses related to cleaning or treating your new home to prevent a recurrence of the infestation. You should also gather any communication you had with the landlord regarding the problem, including emails, letters, or notes from phone calls.

With this documentation, you can try reaching out to the landlord or their representative again and request compensation for your losses. If they are unresponsive or refuse to help, you can consider taking legal action.
In the meantime, there are resources available to help you with basic necessities. You can look into local charities, food banks, or community organizations that offer support for individuals and families in need.

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