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Landlord Bedbug Infestation Disclosure Requirements

I rented an apartment only to find that the landlord didn't disclose bed bug infestation. I never moved into the apartment, can I get my money back?

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Apr 15, 2022
Response from the Publisher:
by: Jeff G.

In almost all jurisdictions, landlords need to represent that an apartment is free from all pests, including bed bugs. A landlord should ensure that a property passes inspection and pests are removed before a new tenant moves in.

If your apartment has a bed bug infestation or any other pest to the point where the infestation is large, it is not habitable.

If your landlord does not correct the problem after being informed, you may have grounds to withhold rent or break the least.

Before you file a complaint, be sure to inform your landlord first. Then, depending on where you live, you can register a complaint with the health department.

There is a legal procedure called "repair and deduct in many states." With this law, the tenant can deduct the cost of repairs or extermination from their rent. You do not need to file a lawsuit; however, you may have to prove that you have a significant problem. For example, seeing one insect and thinking you have a problem does not rise to this level.

If all else fails, file a complaint with your local housing department. Filing a complaint will cause an inspection of your apartment to occur.

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