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I've Got the Same Problem for 10 Years Now

by Dyan Weber
(Hanford, Ca)

I thought when this 1st started after a year or so I was really going to commit suicide. It's been 10 long years & still haven't had any help from anywhere. I'm 41 female & now close to bald & I got microscope pictures. The closest I've got to a definitive diagnosis was with a Dr. online whom verified it is some type parasite yet couldn't exactly identify it nor could he write me a RX.

Ive lost my hubby & I can't discuss it with my family members they all think I'm on drugs. Doctors refer me to mental health therapy for paranoid delusions. I've tried everything imaginable & have done so much research Even with Google lens I cannot identify what I call creatures. Mostly affecting my scalp, hair, ears, nose, back of my neck,lymph nodes & eyes. I have to shower 2-3 xs day & scrub what feels like 100 layers of sand off my scalp & if I use oils or apple cider vinegar it slides these tiny tiny things off the hair & onto my skin on shoulders, chest, back neck where I'll itch for hours.

It feels like grains of glass when rubbing they get stuck in the fatty pores where they hurt.They blend into my skin & make a blanket like color of yellow &brown & orange like dirt color with hairs.i shave everywhere I grow hair it helps but don't go away.I bought some wigs & these things within 1 hour will infest the synthetic hairs making the wigs so dry & itchy painful to wear.It feels like sometimes my hair is radioactive & my last bf couldn't even touch it said felt like needles.

I have thought in the past this was some type of insect. Under a microscope what looked like hair is actually a worm. Its worms all twisted up! Than I thought parasite & now I'm seeing these everywhere all over my clothes, in eyes, ears,n ose, on my furniture,carpets ..I'm staring to think I might be really sick with a disease my body's producing these now in mass quantity no
matter what I matter what I try or how much cleaning ,spraying, vitamins, oils, you name it I tried it.

I don't have good medical insurance abd live in small town. I have seen all Doctors here to no avail & become a hermit inside. I am a completely different person than I once was this has been a nightmare & ruined my life.

I'll be happy when it's over.

Editor Comment, Unexplained Itch and Parasites

Hi Dyan,

So sorry to hear about your problem. Two suggestions:

1. Morgellons Disease - Your description sounds like similar descriptions of Morgellons diseasse. Morgellons disease is a controversial and poorly understood skin condition that is characterized by a range of symptoms, including skin lesions, crawling or biting sensations, and the presence of colored fibers or other foreign material in the skin. Despite years of research, there is currently no known cause or cure for Morgellons disease, and some experts believe that the condition may be a form of delusional parasitosis, a psychiatric disorder in which individuals believe they are infested with parasites despite the lack of evidence.

Many individuals with Morgellons disease report that their symptoms are disabling and have a significant impact on their quality of life. Treatment options for the condition are limited, and may include topical or oral antibiotics, antifungal agents, or other medications to relieve symptoms.

It's important to note that Morgellons disease is not widely recognized as a valid medical condition by the medical community, and many experts believe that the symptoms associated with the condition may be the result of underlying psychiatric or psychological factors. If you are experiencing skin symptoms or other unexplained health issues, it's important to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

You can learn more from the Mayo Clinic or the Morgellons Disease Foundation.

2. Get a Parasite Examined - Cornell University offers a low cost way to identify parasites. Send one of the "worms" to Cornell for examination. There is a small fee for this service.

Best of Luck with this Troubling Issue.

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