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Is The Landlord Responsible for Consequential Bed Bug Damage

by Anonymous Reader in California

Reader Question: In California, when bed bugs are found in common areas and then enter an apartment is the landlord responsible to exterminate and all consequential damages such as the cost of cleaning clothes?

Editor Suggestion Regarding Bed Bugs and California Rental Codes

California bed bugs law does a great job of explaining landlord and tenant oblications when it comes to bed bugs.

The key to collecting any actual damages is to be able to demonstrate that the landlord violated terms of the law such as retaliation for reporting a bed bug incident.

Tenants can file suit against landlords who fail to maintain rental units in livable condition. The tenant has to prove that the landlord violated California Civil Code §1941.1, that the owner had actual or constructive notice and that the tenant suffered damages.

Landlords that pass on the cost of bed bug treatment to tenants are in violation of the landlord's obligation to maintain your apartment and adjoining areas.

For help, we suggest contacting a local attorney with bed bug California tenant law experience. If you can't afford an attorney, contact a local legal aid office for assistance. Some counties such as Contra Costa County have Bed Bug Task forces that could be of assistance.

You can learn more from this brochure on California bed bug law.

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