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I need help badly

Swallow Bug Nymph or Bed bug nymph?

Swallow Bug Nymph or Bed bug nymph?

I found 4 small bedbug nymph looking things on a vinyl sofa in a bedroom in my very old home. The sofa is right near a chimney where birds are currently nesting in. The Chimney is old, no flue and mortar is falling out because of age and birds nesting.

Anyway...bug exterminator barely glanced at my small squished bug and said, its not from the birds immediately when I questioned this. He also would like to charge me (disabled and unemployed here) $1900 to rid my house of these supposed bed bugs. I have never had bed bugs in my life and three of us live here and no one is bitten.

Can you please look at this picture and tell me if this is a swallow bug. I think it is and now that the babies birds have flown they are coming in through cracks in the closet wall near the chimney. I would appreciate your help so very much cause I am going nuts here trying to evacuate my house and my belongings in the heat of the summer when my lung disease is at its worse. Thank you.

Editor Comment:

We suggest sending an actual insect (or picture) to the Cornell University Insect Diagnostic Lab. There are several insect species that look like bed bugs, making it hard to tell from your picture. The experts at Cornell can tell you for sure.

You can also check with another exterminator or an entomologist at a local University or cooperative extension.

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