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How to Tell if Bed Bugs are Gone

Ok so I recently found out that I have bed bugs BUT I only found about 3 of them and when cleaning my room and bed noticed that it still looked clean without the stains as seen in many bed bug pictures, I have been using bug spray, steamed everything I could and washed all fabrics using extra heat. Now I have not noticed any new bites, in fact most of them are healing (the bite marks themselves were small to begin with it was just the itchyness of them that bugged me) So I have a few questions

1) Is my room infested per say? (no other room in my house seems to have a problem and the rest of my family has no bite marks what-so-ever

2) I haven't seen my friends for a long time now, I am wondering can I still go to my friends place and sleep over there? (people in fact have banned me from their places)

Editors Comment on How do you tell if bed bugs are gone:

Determining if bed bugs have been eliminated from a room can be a challenging task, as these bugs are small, elusive, and can hide in many different areas.

A sign that bed bugs may have been eliminated would be the absence of live bed bugs, as well as the absence of any new bites or evidence of feeding. Additionally, if you have been treating the infestation yourself or with the help of a professional, you should see a decrease in the number of bed bugs and their eggs over time.

It is important to have a professional do a thorough inspection of the room after the treatment, as they have specialized tools and knowledge to identify the signs of bed bugs and to confirm if the infestation is eliminated. An inspection would include visual inspections, using specialized tools like flashlight, magnifying glass and monitors, as well as checking for any fecal stains and cast skins left behind by bed bugs.

After a bed bug treatment, it is also recommended to continue monitoring the area for any new bed bug activity, including regular inspections and vacuuming the room. It's also important to keep in mind that bed bugs can come back and it's important to be vigilant, so it's a good idea to schedule follow-up inspections.

Another lower cost approach is to buy an inexpensive bed bug monitor or trap. If the trap stays empty for about 3 weeks you should be bed bug free.

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