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How Long Does a Bed Bugs Itch Last?

by Tiameria
(Texas, Grandprarie)

I have been itching from bed bugs for 6-7 days! #HELP ME! after I spent a night at my friend's house.

The next day I woke up itching. I just want a quick remedy.


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Hi Tiameria,

Sorry to hear about your bed bug itch problem. As you may have read on this site, bed bug bites and related symptoms such as itch are due to an allergic reaction. As an allergy, every reacts differently.

In your case, it is unusual for a bed bug itch reaction to last more than 5 days after any symptoms first appear. Immediate reactions may appear from 1 hour to 24 hours after a bite and may last 1–2 days; delayed reactions usually appear 1–3 days (or more) after a bite and may last 2–5 days (Feingold et al. 1968).

As you can see, five days is the upper side of the range that people experience. I'd suggest seeing a Dermatologist at this point since you are beyond the norm in terms of what you are experiencing.

Bed bug itch relief is possible from regular itch creams sold in a pharmacy such as Aveeno, or you can buy product made specifically for bed bug itch online such as ProEcza. You can also try an Oatmeal bath to control the itch.

Best of Luck,


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