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How do determine if all bed bugs are totally gone?

by Shirley
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


I have waken up with 16 bites on the right side of my thigh, a week ago (May 26/15), vacuumed my mattress and bedding. On May 31/15, received 5 bites, but still do not see any adult bed bugs.

Washed the bedding and clothes around bed, vacuumed mattress and around it. Put items in plastic bags. Slept in another room and decided to throw out the mattress the next morning. What do I need to do to monitor if the bed bugs are totally gone in the bedroom and insure they do not spread. Are there any natural or homemade remedies to catch the bed bugs that we can purchase in Toronto, Canada.

Very worried and concern about the bed bug situation, really appreciate some help. The family is blaming me, because I buy and work at a thrifty store.

Thank You,


Editor Response Regarding How to Know A Bed Bug Problem is Gone

Hi Shirley,

Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem. The best approach is to purchase an inexpensive bed bug trap called a Climbup Interceptor. These small dishes are placed under each bed leg. The bed bugs are trapped in each interceptor as they attempt to climb up onto the bed.

As your treatment takes hold, you should see a declining number of bed bugs trapped in the interceptor. A pack of 4 (one for each bed leg) is less than $14 (USD) on Amazon. This is probably cheaper than making them yourself.

Don't be surprised if you need to apply 2 to 3 treatments to be successful. Each treatment reduces the size of the bed bug population. If you do not see a change, best to hire a professional.

Best of Luck,


PS: See our guide to Bed Bugs Traps.

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