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Did Helping a Friend Move Expose Me to Bed Bugs?

by Jean

Would I have gotten bitten by bed bugs, or carried them on my clothes while helping someone move into an apartment and staying the night there? I have bites on my ankles and elbow that are in two's but they are an inch to two inches apart. I noticed the small red bumps shortly after unloading her stuff out of a moving truck. Her families house has had bed bugs but she says that she has been careful and has not noticed it in her stuff. We also unloaded a bunch of her stuff off of a moving truck. After reading this site I have the heebie jeebies! I want to know either way...Put my mind at ease please!!

Editor Comment on Bed Bug Bites in New Apartment

Bed bugs are known as notorious hitchhikers. That said, it is unlikely that bed bugs would have bitten you during the moving process. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, which means they are most active at night when people are sleeping. However, they can also bite during the day if they are disturbed or if there is a large population of bed bugs present.

Before you get the "heebie jeebies" I'd inspect the furniture that was moved and see if you can find other signs of bed bugs. This includes:

1 Tiny black or brown fecal spots on sheets, mattresses or bedding.
2.Seeing actual insects in the seams of furniture cushions, frames, or around the bed or frame. Live bugs or shed skins of the bugs, which may be found in seams of mattresses, in box springs, or in other cracks and crevices.

Last, make sure you don't bring the insects from the new apartment back to your home. To avoid this, consider removing your clothes and shoes before you enter your home. Bag them or put them in a sealed container, wash in hot water.

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