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Diatomaceous Earth killed my Cat!!!

by Sharon
(Phoenix, AZ)

Folks, be careful when using the diatomaceous earth. in and of itself it is not harmful to pets, but cats like to roll around on the floor, under the bed, etc. If they roll in the dust, and THEN LICK THEMSELVES FOR GROOMING, the consumption of diatomaceous dust can be seriously harmful to a cat by causing damage to internal organs, and if a sufficient amount is consumed, which doesn't need to be an excessive amount, it can kill your pet cat in a matter of days.

On top of having the stress and worry of a bedbug infestation, you don't need the added sorrow and guilt feelings of having killed your cat through lack of preventive measure. keep the cats out of the rooms where dust has been applied until the infestation is gone and the dust is removed.

Editors Comment:

Sharon, thank you for sharing and we absolutely agree. All pet owners should not use diatomaceous earth in places where any pet (or child) can lick or ingest the dust. Also, some diatomaceous earth based products are combined with an insecticide (check the label).

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