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Carpet Beetles, not Bed Bugs

by Margaret

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles

I don't have bedbugs..I belive it is carpet beetles as I can feel static all the time, and when I wipe floor its black bugs sometimes with other colours. I heard a scarbonic mite goes hand in hand with carpet beetles. they seem to be all over. I have found them crawling in my bed, couch, everywhere. this has been going on for four years. left last house and think I brought them with me in my car, which they are still living in there.

My legs are now starting to get spasms. Can it be from the hair flying against them? At one time they would embed in my skin.

Why do they affect my legs more so than anywhere else?
I would think I was delusional if I didn't see they insects all over.

Editor Comment

Hi Margaret,

It is possible that the shed hairs from the larvae of carpet beetles could cause irritated itchy welts. These welts are often confused with bed bugs bites. To combat the issue we suggest thoroughly vacuuming the house to pick up any of the carpet beetle hairs that are acting as an allergen. Better yet, steam clean all carpets.

Another suggestion is to not wear shoes and socks in the house. The static electricity on these items could collect the hair. The hairs are so fine that they could create a bite reaction under clothes.

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