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Can You Sue a Used Furniture Store That Sells You a Mattress With Bed Bugs

Can you sue a used furniture place that sells you a mattress with bed bugs?

Editor Comment - Can you sue a furniture store if the furniture came with bed bugs?

Yes, you can potentially sue a used furniture store that sells you a mattress infested with bed bugs. In this situation, the store may be held liable for selling a product that is not fit for its intended purpose, and for failing to disclose a known defect or hazard. However, the outcome of such a lawsuit would depend on various factors, such as the specific laws in your jurisdiction and the evidence available to prove the store's liability.

If you believe that you have been sold a mattress with bed bugs, it is important to gather evidence and document the issue as soon as possible. This may include taking photos of the infested mattress and any bites or rashes you have sustained, as well as retaining any receipts or other documentation related to the purchase. You should also consider seeking legal advice from a qualified attorney who can help you determine your rights and options for pursuing a lawsuit.

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