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Can You Crush and Kill Bed Bugs?

by Jessica Smith
(New Boston, Ohio)

Picture Bat Bug vs. Bed Bug

Picture Bat Bug vs. Bed Bug

Reader Question: What is the best way to kill bed bugs? I have these small bugs but I don't know if they are bed bugs or just some kind of insect. They look like a bed bug maybe but these bugs you can kill them if you smash them. Can you kill a bed bug by smashing them with a paper towel or toilet paper.

Editor Answer: Can you kill bed bugs and crush them in a paper towel or toilet paper?

Hi Jessica,

Yes you can crush and kill bed bugs. The problem is that bed bugs are great a staying out of view. Plus since they are nocturnal, they only come out at at night, usually just before dawn.

If you think you have bed bugs, the best approach is to confirm that you actually have them. Try and catch an insect and show it to a local entomologist at a University, an exterminator, or someone at a local cooperative extension. There are many pictures of bed bugs here that you can use to compare to yours.

There are several insects that look like bed bugs such as small roaches, so it pays to get a confirmation of the problem, and then quickly arrange for treatment. Bed bug infestations quickly grow, with an adult female being able to lay up to 500 eggs.

Good luck! If you want to call an exterminator, the Service Magic network is a good place to start since they screen exterminators and will provide up to 3 free quotes.

Best of Luck.

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Aug 20, 2021
Potential health issues
by: Anonymous

Hi. Is it possible for bed bugs to cause mental health issues? I'm not sure. It's just that since I started dealing with the problem, I can't sleep at night. I seem to have less problems with them when it comes morning time. And even then, I still wake up with bites all over. It's driving me up the walls. Is it possible that perhaps the bedbugs are contributing to my insomnia?

Editor Comment:

Yes, bed bugs can contribute to insomnia. Bed bugs are nocturnal pests and are most active at night, when they come out to feed on human blood. Their bites can cause discomfort, itching, and a general feeling of unease, which can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. The fear of being bitten by bed bugs can also cause anxiety and stress, further contributing to insomnia.

Jan 17, 2018
Bedbugs are a pain in the.
by: Davidb

We heard this on the way to bed,Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!45 yrs later who would of thought bedbugs are real.lost a lot 4 yrs fighting these Mosley is

Jun 20, 2017
Use bedlam plus and cimexa
by: Anonymous

Use bedlam plus and cimexa dust

May 06, 2017
This is ALL you need!
by: Susie

Diatomaceous Earth, also called DE,is really all you need, no matter what anybody says. It is not toxic to humans or animals. In fact, I put a teaspoon of it in my coffee daily as a supplement. It works in a day or two. Can be purchased at lawn and garden stores, like Lowes, Menards, Farm King. Sprinkle it around floorboards, around bed, in bed if you like, on carpet and furniture. They must cross over it to feed on you in bed. They will not be feeding long. Leaave it there for a few extra days to be sure. Vacuum when you're tired of seeing the white powder. DE is fossilized diatoms, and kills bugs by cutting their exoskeleton,and they dry out. Does not cut people. Read about it.

Feb 29, 2016
They wont go away!
by: Anonymous

We have had them for almost a year now and they have only gotten worse. Me and my brother have home made bed frames and they keep invading a single wall on both floors, and both sides. We've bombed, sprayed, smashed and a lot of other stuff but they keep coming back.Do the eggs survive if I smash the bugs? What can I do!

Editor Suggestion

Bed bug bombs do not work, they only cause the bed bugs to flee into the walls. It sounds like you have a large infestation. We suggest either hiring an exterminator or trying a bed bug kit that contains the required products (you need more than one product) and detailed treatment instructions. You can also try and seal any cracks in the walls to restrict movement. Every item within 10 to 20 feet of the beds should be treated with a minimum of a knock down spray to kill bed bugs and eggs on contact followed by the use of a residual spray to kill any bed bugs you might have missed or hatched after you treated the room. Eggs are only killed by direct spraying.

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