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Can Bed Bugs Travel on Clothing?

by Cathy
(Long Island)

I have been traveling across the United States and somehow picked up bed bugs. I"m confused as to how bed bugs travel. Can they be picked up on clothes?

From Our Editor

Hi Cathy,

Bed bugs can hide in any item where there is a tight dark space. So yes, bed bugs can travel on clothing (and shoes). This includes the seams of a suitcase or the folds or seams of clothing. Bed bugs can travel on clothing for a long distance.

When traveling we suggest minimizing this risk by pre-treating luggage or use hard case luggage that has a built in heater. Check all clothes and immediately wash when returning home. Remove clothes directly from luggage to the washing machine, being careful not to allow any bed bugs to drop off along the way. Even better, store clothes in a sealed bag inside the suitcase, and then bring only the bag right to the washing machine.



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