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Better Way to Treat Mattresses, Box spring and Safa for Bed Bugs

by Sam Bryks BCE
(Toronto Canada)

I watched the video about use of pesticides, and was interested in section about treating mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture.. couldn't find anything on using steam instead of pesticides on mattress and box and sofa seams, surfaces, etc... we can't easily treat inside the box, but that can be encased.. and treated with pesticide, but I just do not recommend using pesticides or Sterifab on mattresses, box or sofas... Steam works very well.. if you can spray it, you can steam it...

no residual... vac then steam.

This is a far better approach than using pesticides on a mattress or box surface or seams, or upholstered furniture.. the under surface of a sofa is the only place I would suggest a contact spray... but even there, a good steam treatment can be better if a homeowner has the patience to do it, or if a pest control firm goes this far better route.... if it is aired out properly. No issues.

Editor Comment:

Dear Sam,

I actually agree that the use of heat, in this case steam, is an effective approach for killing bed bugs and bed bug eggs. My concern is that 1) if you don't let a mattress dry, mildew can be a problem (as you indicate), and 2) the inside of the mattress will need to reach a temperature of 114F in order for all bed bugs and eggs to be killed.

If you were to use steam alone there is a good chance that you might not reach the required temperature in all spots. Also, if the mattress is ripped and bed bugs are inside the mattress, then the steam will probably not reach the required temperature. For this reason, and for those that want an all natural approach, I would suggest using steam along with an all natural bed bug dust, lightly placed along all seams (also called diatomaceous earth). I would also recommend the use of a bed bug mattress cover to trap and kill any bed bugs that steam alone may have missed. The cover is placed on the mattress after it dries from the steam. Trapped bed bugs will starve to death after 12 to 18 months.

The reason for the recommendation to use a mattress safe pesticide such as Sterifab is the risk of not killing 100% of the bed bugs through something as simple as missing an area with the steam. You miss one pregnant bed bug and it can mean having to repeat the steam treatment all over again. That said, the steam, dust, cover combination will 100% take take of the problem.

Thanks again for the note.


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