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BedBugs Las Vegas Hotel Problem

by J
(Colorado Springs,Co)

In August 2011,I visited The Rio All Suite and Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. On the morning of my last stay, I discovered bedbugs crawling in my bed and on the backs of my pillows.I immediately notified the front desk and filled out an incident report.

The Rio Hotel denied me a refund and said they would keep in contact. When returning home, I disposed of everything from my trip, taking precautions that I would not bring them into my home. I also washed my hair with alcohol and cut out my extensions.

The Rio Hotel received positive test results that confirmed that they were actual bedbugs.I filed a complaint with the BBB of Nevada, who have tried resolving my complaint. Three months later, the Rio Hotel contacted me stating that they will not reimburse me for my hotel stay because I did not notice the bedbugs until the last day of my reservations.

I did have red bumps on my arms but am not sure if they were bedbug bites because I am African American.I did not receive any medical attention to confirm that they were actual bedbug bites. I am so frustrated and been getting the run around. I know I should have taken the proper precautions before entering the room.

The bed sheets had not been changed for the three days I was there,I feel that the bedbugs did not arrive over night and if housekeeper was taking
the correct sanitary measures she would have noticed them on the first day I was there.

Can I sue this hotel for this experience even if I don't know if I was actually bitten? I really need some advice of what to do now.

Editor Suggestion Las Vegas Rio Hotel Bed Bugs Problem

Dear J,

Sorry to hear about the problem you had with bed bugs in Las Vegas. Most reputable hotels would refund your stay, no questions asked, particularly after they confirmed having a problem.

I'd start by writing a nice letter to the CEO of the hotel explaining what happened. Most hotels will provide some form of compensation for a bad stay, no matter what the cause.

Bed bug lawsuits in general are hard to win. If they don't respond to your request in writing for a refund, I'd suggest leaving a comment on Trip Advisor, since that is one of the most commonly referenced sources of information on bed bugs and las vegas hotels. You might get the attention of the hotel.

It appears that there are several complaints on the site already.

Plus, as you mentioned, always inspect a hotel immediately after checking in. Simply peel back the sheets on both corners and see if the mattress is clean. Look inside the seams to see if you can spot any bed bugs. A clean mattress, seam and sheets means that the room is probably bed bug free.

Best of Luck.

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