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Bedbug Nightmare in Virginia

by Nancy Mills
(Lanexa, Va.)

We moved into a seasonal rental trailer at the Riverside Campground, Lanexa, Va. in May. It is infested with bedbugs. We caught and identified them by turning on the light in the middle of the night and catching a number of them. We are getting eaten alive!

The landlord first said they were probably fleas biting us (before we showed them the ones we caught). They are ignoring our requests to treat the dwelling. I set off some "bombs" and was bedbug-free for exactly one night, then they seemed to come right back with some of their friends. When I mentioned this again to the landlord he said WE probably brought them in! I had never seen one before in my life.

The two neighbors by us also have them. We have all been there only since May or June; we are temporary residents. The rent is already paid up but we are going to move out anyway, we can't stand it anymore. I fear our clothing is infested and appreciate the information on this site. Also I will have to decide what to do about the electronics. Can I put them in an oven or microwave or something, or put them in a black plastic trash bag with bombs? Hate to throw them away but I am worried about taking them home with us.

Thanks for listening, for your information and any further input you can provide.

Nancy Mills
PS they do not bite as bad if you sleep with the lights on.

Editor Comment

Hi Nancy, sorry to hear about all of your bed bug problems. A couple of comments:

1. DO NOT use bed bug bombs. They are not effective and only, as you have seen, force bed bugs to flee into the walls. Once the bombs clear, the bed bugs return.

2. Electronics are a problem. The safest approach is to place any electronics into a sealed plastic snap lid type container for about 14 months. The most a bed bug can live without feeding is 12 months, so the 14 is just to be safe. Heating electronics to the required 114F could cause damage.

3. In Virginia tenants should immediately report any insects, including bed bugs to landlords. If you do not, you may be held responsible for any extermination costs. See this site for more information on Virginia bed bug law.

Best of Luck,


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Dec 27, 2016
They brought the bedbugs into our place
by: Riverside Camp Lanexa va

As for Nancy whatever she knows she brought the bed bugs into our rental and it's totally false about the other rentals, no problems with anything till she showed up. Also she wasn't a registered guest anyway, her buddy was the registered guest, they trashed the place... Dog was allowed to potty on newspapers inside..So beware of old Nancy

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