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Bed Bugs - Why me??

by Jessica antonelli

I thought I got rid of these gross bugs but I didn't. Why am I the only one getting bit. I have 3 people in my bed and I am the only one getting bit. Why??

Editor Comment: One Person in Home Getting Bed Bug Bites

Hi Jessica,

Different people in one household can react differently to bed bugs bites in terms of being bitten and in allergic bite skin reactions.

It's not uncommon for one person in a household to be more attractive to bed bugs than others, even if they are sleeping in the same bed. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and certain chemicals that are produced by the human body, such as lactic acid.

Factors such as blood type, skin chemistry, and even the use of certain soaps or perfumes can also make some people more attractive to bed bugs than others. Additionally, bed bugs may be more attracted to individuals who are immobile while sleeping, or who have more exposed skin.

If you are the only one getting bitten by bed bugs, it could be that the bugs are simply more attracted to you than others in the bed. It's also possible that the bites are not being noticed on the other individuals, or that they are reacting differently to the bites.

Regardless, it's important to take action to eliminate the bed bugs from your home to prevent further bites and the potential spread of the infestation. This may include contacting a pest control professional, washing all bedding and clothing in hot water and drying on high heat, and vacuuming the mattress, box spring, and surrounding areas.

Best of Luck,

Bed Bugs Handbook

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