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" Bed bugs Vancouver infestations are resulting in some local pest control companies reporting as many as 10 calls per day, a 25% increase. According to bedbugregistry, the city has had over 1,944 bed bug reports. Homeowners can either treat the infestation themselves or hire a professional. Tenants are responsible for working with their landlord when fighting bed bugs in British Columbian apartments or rental units.  It is not clear in the law who pays for any extermination efforts."  

Vancouver has had over 1,000 reports of bed bugs.  While some attribute the problem to travelers come into town for the Olympics, problems are consistent with other major cities in the world. 

bed bugs vancouver
Bed Bugs Vancouver
Dots indicate Bed Bugs Vancouver Map Locations/Reports
Source: BedBugRegistry

Bed bugs are known as being excellent hitch hikers, moving into the luggage and clothing of people traveling.  Once these individuals arrive home, the bed bugs quickly seek narrow hiding spaces located near human or even pet hosts.

Vancouver Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are considered the toughest type of insect to exterminate yourself.  Because of this, for Vancouver bed bugs control and removal we always recommend hiring an exterminator.  Be sure to get quotes from several exterminators since the cost can be $500 to $1,000 (CAD) or more for a typical home or apartment.  A convenient way to get 3 free quotes is to call Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) as they pre-screen local Vancouver exterminators and make sure that they are locally licensed and insured.  Compare these quotes to any listed in our exterminator database

Consumer reviews of bed bugs Toronto based pest control experts can be found on  Angies List

The key to treating bed bugs yourself is to purchase the correct combination of products and to use these along with the right methods.  This includes vacuuming, a knock down spray, residual or long lasting spray, diatomaceous earth and other helpful products.  The most economical way to purchase these products is to buy either an insecticide based bed bug kit or an organic bed bug kit.  

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Bed Bug Mattress Spray
Sprays should be labeled mattress safe.  These types of sprays will kill bed bugs on contact.  Also purchase a spray that provides several weeks of protection as well (residual sprays).

Source: Bed Bug Supply

The residual sprays that were verified by the University of Kentucky as still working against insecticide resistant bed bugs are , Phantom and Bedlam,

bed bugs toronto
Apply Residual sprays along baseboards to kill hiding bed bugs in the home or to reduce the number that could come in from adjoining apartments.

See detailed instructions for do it yourself approach on our guide to  how to kill bed bugs.

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BedBugs Toronto Government Resources

Health Canada Bed Bugs Brochure (PDF Download)

Health Canada Bedbug Resources

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (1-800-267-6315)

British Columbia HealthLinkBC Bed Bugs

Landlord Tenant Bed Bug Law and Disputes

In Vancouver, the law doesn't specifically state who is required to pay for bed bug problems.  

In section 32 (1)(a) and section (32 (2) of the Vancouver landlord tenant law it states that "a landlord and tenant must comply and maintain reasonable health, cleanliness and sanitary standards in the residential properties under a tenancy agreement."

Since it doesn't expressly state who is responsible for payment, the best approach is often to report a problem and then request that the landlord pay for an inspection and extermination.  If the landlord refused, proposed a 50/50 split, or organize tenants to take legal action against the landlord.  As indicated above, the landlord share in the responsibility, so at minimum, should pay some of the cost. 

The Residential Tenancy Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General does have a landlord and tenant formal dispute resolution process that can be of help in negotiating with landlords.

You can read the transcript of a recent British Columbia landlord and tenant bed bugs dispute here (PDF download).

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